A common carry

By Published On: October 11th, 2012

One trait each country shares is the need to hold […]

One trait each country shares is the need to hold baby close while still being able to complete daily tasks hands-free. October 8-14 is International Babywearing Week, so read on to become cultured on mama’s love in many languages.

While many new moms opt for the new backpack-style carriers, most grandmothers still tend to prefer the traditional Korean podaegi, a rectangular “blanket” attached to a long strap.

The citenge is a large rectangular piece of cloth that is worn as a baby carrier, skirt, head wrap, and tote to carry small loads.

A perraje is a multi- purpose shawl that serves as a shoulder wrap and baby carrier.

A baby may be tied into the shawl part of a woman’s sari, tied to the mother or sibling’s back via a piece of cloth, or carried in a modern backpack- style baby carrier.
Most Indian women prefer to carry their babies in their arms, however.

An ubfan is a home-spun piece of cloth about half the width of a blanket used
for carrying baby on mom’s back or hips.
How do you prefer to carry your babe?