A chill in the air

By Published On: November 17th, 2010

Written by: Sheri November 17 2010 It dawned on me […]

Written by: Sheri

It dawned on me last week that living in the northeast and being pregnant through the winter is going to present some challenges.

Summer maternity clothes are inexpensive and cute.It’s easy to wear long flowy dresses and show off your belly in fitted, strappy tops.But winter in Ithaca requires lots of layers, cozy sweaters and a very warmcoat – not necessarily comfortable attire to wear over a big belly. Not to mention, new winter clothes are expensive, and I will likely only wear them for a few months.
Already, most of my sweaters are getting tight.I’m down to two warm coats that fit: a ski jacket that is only going to stretch around my belly for a few more weeks and a wool coat that (luckily!) I bought in too large of a size a few years back. But I don’t think that coat will be enough on the days when the wind chill dips below zero. (Did I mention we’ve already had snow?!)
So I’m on a hunt for inexpensive, warm clothes that I may be able to wear again.For a coat, I think I will hijack my husband’s puffy down jacket.It will look big and frumpy, but it should do the job.Luckily, long chunky sweaters seem to be fashionable this year.I’ve already picked up this one on sale at Old Navy (and worn it nearly every day since.) I think one or two more warm pieces, along with some winter pajamas, should do the trick.
Readers, do you have any advice on staying warm and looking cute through winter?I plan to keep hunting around, and I’ll share my new purchases with you in a few weeks.