A boy is not a girl

By Published On: March 31st, 2010

Written by: Ginny March 30 2010 Moms with multiple children […]

Written by: Ginny

Moms with multiple children often say that none of their pregnancies were exactly alike. As much as we try to pin down the gender by saying, “If you’re carrying low, it must be a boy,” or “Especially sick this time? It’s a girl,” the truth is, even the same mom carrying the same gender could have a totally different experience each time. Age, activity level, stress and other environmental factors certainly can’t be overlooked.

That said, this pregnancy is going much differently than my first. And while there are definitely other variables in play, I’m convinced the gender has to make some degree of difference. This is what I’ve noticed so far:
1. I was sick as a dog from weeks 7 to 14—and on and off after that—with my girl. I wasn’t extremely tired, but I was throwing up and having strong food and smell aversions. This time, I’ve been hungry as a hippo from day one, and I’ve been practically nausea-free the whole time. I’ve heard you’re usually sicker with the first pregnancy, but then again, I’ve also heard that girls can make you queasier.
2. When I was preggo with Charlotte, I was a total basket case. Emotional wreck. For weeks I was convinced that my husband was going to die (I had no real reason to believe this—he was completely healthy) and leave me alone to raise a baby. If he came home late without calling, he would find me bawling because I was sure he was dead, and then I’d be angry that he was alive but didn’t call. This time, I took preventative measures and got on an antidepressant beforehand, so things have been much smoother psychologically. (I can even watch scary movies without going nuts!)
3. The first time around, I was all belly (and not even much of a belly at that). Everyone was constantly telling me how small I was, and some of my coworkers didn’t know I was pregnant until I was in my eighth month. Even my doctor thought I would have a small baby. (I didn’t.) This time, I started with the Bella Bands and maternity pants much earlier than I would have liked, and I’ve put on a good amount of weight all over. I even have to go bra shopping—that is not typical for me. Of course, my eating habits could be a lot better (if only I wasn’t starving most of the time!). On the upside, my hair and skin haven’t really changed, whereas last time I lost some wave and seemed to have a different tone to my hair and skin.
I guess I can never really know for sure if gender is causing the differences, although I might be able to gather some clues if my third baby is a girl. And will the gender affect labor and delivery at all? Time will tell.