5 packing essentials for traveling with baby

By Published On: November 27th, 2017

1. Noise machine. A different room or sleeping arrangement can […]

1. Noise machine. A different room or sleeping arrangement can make nap or bedtime a struggle. A noise machine—especially if your babe uses it at home—can help drown out unfamiliar sounds and sooth your tired tot.

2. Nightlight. Similarly to a noise machine, a nightlight can help make grandma’s older home not so scary to little eyes. This option comes with different color options, so you can find what’s most relaxing to your little one.

3. Boogie Wipes. Chances are someone will come down with something before you reach your destination (or right in time for turkey). Doctors recommend saline drops to help break up mucous and clear congestion, but pinning down your toddler sounds next to impossible and super messy. Thankfully, Boogie Wipes are here to help. Made with natural saline, these wipes clean and treat cold-filled noses without irritating baby’s sensitive skin. They’re a must in our book while traveling, or better yet, keep them with you at all times!

4. Indestructibles book. This is the ultimate “throw in your bag” item to never leave home without. It is chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic and 100 percent washable. There’s nothing your darling could do to ruin this thing, hence the name.

5. Play mat. Holidays often mean delays, but there’s no need to fret if a layover has you situated in a terminal for longer than expected. This mat is made with wipeable bonded leather and is perfect for tummy time, snack time or naptime. Roll it up, throw it in your carryon and know you’re covered, no matter where you end up.

As you prep for this cool-weather season, it’s our hope these products will help you avoid a few mild disasters and enjoy some quality time with you family!

This post is in partnership with Boogie Wipes, a product I actually use and love.

By Lauren Lisle

Image: Pregnancy & Newborn