40 Weeks: 40 Reasons I’m glad I’m 40 weeks pregnant

By Published On: October 14th, 2014

One thing everyone loves to say when you’re at the […]

downloadOne thing everyone loves to say when you’re at the end of pregnancy is “You’re almost at the finish line!” While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t know very many women who are nine months pregnant and still running races. Personally, I’d prefer to just sit on the sidelines with a cup of Gatorade and catch up with everyone later. But, since everyone seems so set on me finishing this race, I guess I will continue to waddle on.
As my pregnancy comes to a close, I find myself looking more and more forward to the next chapter in our lives: meeting our baby girl. I’m sure there are some things I’ll miss about pregnancy, like the sweet feeling of her moving around and knowing she’s always safe with me, but I’m definitely ready for her to be born. Our lives are going to be crazy different with a newborn, but I feel ready to take on a new set of challenges with the baby on the outside.
Here are 40 reasons I’m excited to be 40 weeks pregnant.
Soon I’ll be able to…

  1. Stand up quickly without getting shooting round ligament pain.
  2. Drive somewhere on the other side of the city without stopping to find a bathroom.
  3. Drink a triple-venti, non-fat, soy, no foam vanilla latte. (FINALLY.)
  4. Take sweet, sweet Advil for a headache.
  5. Button a pair of jeans.
  6. Shop in a regular clothes store (although I love ya, Motherhood Maternity!).
  7. Sleep on my stomach.
  8. Sleep on my back.
  9. Get out of bed without grunting/heavy breathing.
  10. Remove Zantac from my daily routine.
  11. Shave my legs accurately.
  12. Eat a spicy tuna roll.
  13. Have more than one cup of coffee a day.
  14. Put the Snoogle away and cuddle with my husband.
  15. Lift things without asking for help.
  16. Take the stairs again.
  17. Get dressed without taking water breaks.
  18. Watch Subaru commercials without sobbing.
  19. Fit my feet into my fall boot collection (I hope).
  20. Fold up and put away all my maternity clothes.
  21. Miss a call from my mom and not have her calling L&D to see if I’ve been admitted.
  22. Start actually breastfeeding instead of reading books about breastfeeding.
  23. Take a break from living at my OB’s office.
  24. Stop worrying about kick counts.
  25. Stop wondering what “percent effaced” means.
  26. Stop thinking about a “mucus plug.”
  27. Test out all the cool baby shower gifts we received.
  28. Push the stroller around with an actual baby in it.
  29. Be awoken by baby cries instead of shooting leg cramps.
  30. See my feet while standing.
  31. Put socks on without feeling like I’m participating in an Olympic sport.
  32. Start 12 glorious weeks of maternity leave.
  33. Flush the toilet (the kind you flush with your foot) without intense pelvic pain.
  34. Post pictures of my baby on Instagram instead of weekly belly photos.
  35. Ditch my waddle, and start walking normally again.
  36. Wear all my favorite clothes again.
  37. Dress my baby girl up like a real life doll all the time.
  38. Finally get to use my Coach diaper bag.
  39. Say the phrase “my daughter.”
  40. And the thing I am most excited about? Looking at my baby girl, face to face!