3 products I never thought I’d use

By Published On: November 16th, 2017

Like any minimal-loving millennial mama, I try to keep my […]

Like any minimal-loving millennial mama, I try to keep my home free and clear of items that don’t pull their weight. (With the exception of a few sentimental keepsakes because I will never part with rocks I collected from Dionis Beach on my honeymoon.) When I was pregnant, I knew that wasn’t going to change just because I was having a baby. Much to my surprise, there are a few products I shrugged off—thinking I’ll never need them—that have turned out to be essentials for my budding family.

1. Bottle warmer. I was certain my babe could “tough it out” and drink his expressed breast milk slightly chilled or at room temperature. But I didn’t even stop to consider the fact that when he nurses, I am his milk warmer. Hot and ready is what he’s familiar with, so a colder temperature only makes his bottles even less appealing. (He’s always preferred the breast.) I realized this when he started day care and his teacher told me he’d only take his bottles sans fuss if they came straight from the warmer.

2.  Boogie Wipes. Tissues will work, right? Well, sort of. Now that my little guy has made it through his very first cold (thanks, day care), I can say with confidence that there is a big difference. For one, Boogie Wipes are far gentler on my son’s tiny nose, and he isn’t shy about voicing his displeasure when I reach for a regular ol’ dry tissue. I’d use Boogie Wipes for that reason alone—less crying is always a convincing selling point. But moreover, the saline in the wipes actually makes cleanup easier because it breaks down mucous. In one swipe I can get rid of anything that has dried around the edges of his nose without irritating his skin. Plus, I swear they actually draw mucous out, which helps clear his stuffy nose whether we’re at home or on the go.

3. Baby laundry detergent. Having a separate detergent just for my kiddo seemed a tad over the top, especially considering that I’ve always used one designed with sensitive skin in mind. Someone generously gifted us some just-for-baby laundry suds, and when that ran out I switched without giving it a second thought. That is until I noticed a rash on my son’s back, chest and belly. After trying to pinpoint the cause, we discovered it was the detergent after all. Now we’re back to a more delicate, made-for-baby formula.

Turns out, you might not know what your wee one wants—or needs—until he clues you in! But hopefully my trial and error will help save you some time (and maybe even some tears).

This post is in partnership with Boogie Wipes, a product I actually use and love.


Image: Pregnancy & Newborn