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It doesn’t take long for a new mama to realize […]

It doesn’t take long for a new mama to realize her registry list may have lacked a few practical essentials. If you’re expecting a baby or trying to establish a routine with your newborn, we’ve put together a quick list of items we never leave the house without.

Baby wrap
Trust us, babywearing isn’t only for earthy mamas. It’s possibly one of the greatest tools for multitasking, providing comfort and security to your wee one while remaining hands-free for day-to-day tasks. (Also, you can’t beat those close snuggles!) If the idea of wrapping and tying throws you off, there are plenty of tieless options to make the process easy-peasy.

Boogie Wipes
We know you have seen Boogie Wipes in the baby aisle of your local grocery store and wondered how they work. We are huge fans of these natural saline wipes because they help treat a case of the sniffles while also keeping faces clean. They provide a gentle option to dissolving those tough-to-remove dried-on boogies and won’t irritate your baby’s skin. We keep them in our nurseries, diaper bags, stroller storage areas, etc. Also, we have found that babies love playing with the crinkle packaging, so hold onto it after use for some easy entertainment.

Pacifier clip
How many times a day do you squat or reach under the couch to fetch a fallen pacifier? A clip helps keep it off the floor and always within reach. Even if your babe doesn’t take a paci, these clips can be connected to teethers and other small toys to help keep your sanity in check and your little one happy.

This post is sponsored by Boogie Wipes, a product we love to always have on hand.

By Lauren Lisle

Image: Pregnancy & Newborn