25 stress-busting strategies

By Published On: April 9th, 2012

For many mamas-to-be, pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotional, […]

For many mamas-to-be, pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotional, physical and situational changes, and it’s natural for this time of life to challenge even the coolest of cucumbers. But dealing with your personal worries worries and applying positive solutions can help keep you–and your growing baby–safe during pregnancy and beyond.
Here are 25 strategies to reduce your stress:
1. Write in a journal.
2. Enjoy a prenatal massage. (Read about mom-to-be Rachel’s spa experience.)
3. Follow a healthy diet.
4. Set manageable goals.
5. Take a walk.
6. Hydrate often.
7. Meditate or pray. (Check out a few extra benefits to meditation here.)
8. Talk it out.
9. Catch a funny movie.
10. Read a favorite book.
11. Breathe in fresh air.
12. Get some shut-eye. (Our experts offer remedies for common sleep disturbances.)
13. Attend regular check-ups.
14. Meet with a therapist.
15. Avoid information overload.
16. Take a warm, calming shower.
17. Enroll in a childbirth class. (Check out these tips on how to choose a childbirth class.)
18. Make use of aromatherapy.
19. Rock out to upbeat tunes.
20. Laugh with a friend.
21. Hire a home cleaning service.
22. Plan a date night out.
23. Cuddle with your pet.
24. Join a support group. (Check out this brief list of virtual mom communities.)
25. Go for a relaxing swim.