2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers and Caregivers

By Published On: December 15th, 2022

Gifts that show those who care for your kids just how much you care about them.

We get it: It’s not always clear what to buy for educators, nannies, babysitters, and the other members of your village who mean so much to our children and our families. How personal do you get? How much do you spend? What do they even like? Can you really express your sincere gratitude to them for keeping your baby alive and safe with a few cups of coffee? This group is tough to shop for, so we compiled our favorite caregiver and teacher gifts for 2022 to help you show how much they matter.

Gift Cards

It may seem too easy, but the best gifts for teachers and caregivers are the ones that give them the option to choose their own presents. One teacher told us that “hands down, no question about it,” teachers love getting gift cards the most. “I know that’s not an extra creative or cutesy gift idea,” she says. “But it’s the truth!” If you aren’t comfortable asking for their favorite retailer or restaurant (It’s not weird! We promise!), a Multi-Store eGift Card gives the recipient the option of choosing where to use their gift card.  From $25

Classroom Supplies

We know it sounds like a gift for your child, but stick with us for a second. Teachers across the country spend hundreds of dollars of their own money each year to stock their classrooms with the proper supplies such as crayons, cleaning wipes, and sticky notes for the school year. When you give your kid’s teacher school supplies for the holidays, during teacher appreciation week, or otherwise, you are helping to put money back into their pocket. Check to see if your child’s educator has an Amazon wishlist or, once again, go for a gift card. A gift card to Amazon, Staples, or ​​Lakeshore should fit the bill! Prices vary

Phone Sanitizer

Educators and caregivers are exposed to a lot of germs during or after the school day. And let’s face it, a lot of those germs are probably coming from your kids. The PhoneSoap 3 (aka the new-and-improved product that took off on Shark Tank) uses UV-C light to kill 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses crawling around on phones while also charging it. Gift recipients can also toss in keys, wallets, and other small items in need of cleaning. $80

Unique Candle

You know better than anyone that after spending a long day with your child, their teachers and caregivers deserve to relax and unwind. Scent Lab candles are great gifts that bring relaxation to a whole new level. Using a quick survey and AI-technology, the platform finds the perfect fragrance for each user. You can then choose your favorite holder for their personalized, non-toxic, clean-burning candle. $45

Personalized Stamp

A personalized “From the Library of” stamp from Monster Stamp’s Etsy shop is such a special, practical, and thoughtful gift for teachers and bibliophiles alike. They can use it on the inside cover of books so that when they loan one of their favorites to your child or a friend, the recipient will always know who to return it to. Choose from a variety of customizable designs, all of which are personal and book-themed. Then choose your stamp type: Wood (sold either with or without an ink pad) or a self-inking version. Bonus: There’s no need to wrap this great gift from Etsy as it comes in an adorable linen drawstring bag screen printed with your chosen design. From $30 

Foil-Pressed Stationery

Keeping it unique, personalized stationery is a luxury few indulge in. Seriously, when was the last time you bought it for yourself? With this Swaying personalized stationery, choose from a variety of colors for both the design and their caregiver’s or teacher’s name. You can also pick between two sizes, three card shapes, and four paper types. (Do you want the luxurious extra-thick option? Or is it important that it’s made with matte recycled paper?) Pressed with real gold foil, these high-quality, shimmery cards are even more special. From $70

Recycled Notebook

We are obsessed with the Oliver Notebook from Rareform, and not just because of the ruled pages and elastic placeholder. The company makes its products out of recycled billboards, making it an especially great gift for the environmentally conscious. Since each is cut from one section of a billboard destined for the landfill, every notebook is one of a kind—literally! Once a design is sold, a new one will fill its place, so keep an eye on the ever-changing, always-beautiful selection. $28

Tea Subscription

Instead of the classic (overdone) gift of a coffee mug, treat them to at least three months of hot cuppas with the Atlas Tea Club. Each month, they’ll receive a sample box of loose-leaf teas from around the world. Choose the “email it” delivery option so their teacher or caregiver can provide the best mailing address. Not sure they’re a tea person? Roasts from the Atlas Coffee Club are another good pick. From $65

Easy Breakfast

Overnight oats are a simple, nutritious choice for the most important meal of the day. The ONO Overnight Oats Build Your Own Bundle is a yummy way to help busy people get through their morning routine quicker and stay energized. No one on your gift list won’t appreciate that. $35 for 8 bags

Candle Warmer

A gift idea that we don’t think gets the attention it deserves is the humble candle warmer. After spending the day with someone else’s children, the recipient of this decorative gift deserves to come home and relax to their favorite scented candle sans flames. With this Candle Warmer Lamp, there is no wick-cutting, no brushing smoke, no soot, and no worrying about whether they blew out the candle with the. Simply place any candle below the lamp, set the timer, and the bulb will melt the wax. When the warmer is off, this aesthetic lamp is a statement piece on any counter or end table. $54

Care Package

With Happy Box, you can build a gift basket full of self-care goodies to brighten the recipient’s day. Choose from a variety of snacks, sweet treats, candles, beverages, apparel, accessories, and more. You can even filter by “ethos,” choosing businesses that are women-owned, sustainable, and/or small. Prices vary

Foldable Tote

Instead of buying them a standard bag (odds are, they already have a beloved tote bag, purse, or backpack), go for one that folds. Then they can pop a Standard Baggu in their bag and have it ready for whenever there is overflow. Between taking home papers to grade or quickly stopping at the grocery store on the way home, an extra bag will always come in clutch. $14

Thank You Card

A heartfelt, handwritten note is so meaningful, yet so underutilized. Gifts are never mandatory, but the holidays are a perfect time to express your gratitude for the important people in your children’s lives. On a Thank You Starry card (or the stationery of your choosing), you can let the educators, caretakers, and other people of your village know how much they are appreciated. $25 for 10

If you’re still stumped on what to get your child’s teacher or caregiver, or too tired of holiday shopping to make one more trip to Target or Walmart, remember you really can’t go wrong with cash. Just like a gift card, throwing a few Andrew Jacksons (or whatever you’re able to swing!) into a card with a heartfelt thank you note will always be appreciated.

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