Week 20: 20 and counting

By Published On: May 6th, 2013

Last week, I got to share the oh-so-exciting news that […]

preggersLast week, I got to share the oh-so-exciting news that we are expecting a baby girl. (The pink parade? Oh yeah, it’s on.)
This week, the fun continues with more good news: I’m now more than halfway through this pregnancy, and, believe you me, I am thrilled!  We’ve settled on a name for Baby Girl (more on that to come). My nausea is totally under control (thank you, Zofran). And, strangers now notice that I’m pregnant, not just tubby.

With our first, a twinge of panic came with reaching the mid-way mark. I felt there was was so much to learn and so much to do in the few short months before baby was to arrive. It all felt so overwhelming.
Getting to my halfway point this time feels much more relaxed. Sure, there are some things we’ll need to do to get ready for Baby Girl since she is, in fact, a girl and everything we own is boy-themed. But after having one, I’ve realized that you can only prepare for so much.
There will be pain—and lots of it—during labor, no matter how much you read about natural childbirth techniques and no matter how many times you practice your “whoo-whoo-hees.” There will be midnight runs to the drugstore no matter how well you stock your baby’s medicine cabinet. And, there will be fussy baby moments when Little One just wants to cry … and cry …  and cry … no matter how many times you’ve watched The Happiest Baby on the Block.
And, as an almost-mom-of-two, I now know all of those things are okay. (Really, first-time moms, they’re okay. I promise!) Realizing that it’s okay not to plan out and prepare for every little detail has definitely helped keep the stress out of this pregnancy.
Of course, I know with 130ish more days to go, there will be some stress to come, but in the end, I know everything will work out just fine. Sure, I’ll have a sore back, heartburn, stretch marks, and ankles the size of my thigh before it’s all over. (No, make that ankles the size of this guy’s thighs.) But, those things will eventually pass, and we’ll be a-okay even if I can’t mark every box on the “Preparing for Baby” checklists before heading to the hospital.
Plus, if you ask me, we’ve already got the most important thing ready and waiting for our new baby girl—open hearts and a whole lot of love.