Lillebaby COMPLETE Original

By Published On: September 19th, 2013

Being a mom in today’s world can prove to be […]

LillebabyCompleteBeing a mom in today’s world can prove to be an ongoing practice in learning how to be comfortable with your own personal decisions. Everyone seems to have an opinion on everything. Which is great sometimes, and not so great other times. What I’ve learned—or am learning—as a mom to two boys under 3 is that intuition is key and sometimes you just have to try, try again. And then try again.
I have a love-hate relationship with baby carriers. I feel like I should be carrying my baby every waking moment. Or at least daily. Or weekly. I love the feeling of my baby next to my heart. I feel so empowered carrying my baby next to me, something my mother didn’t do. However, I don’t really use a carrier that often because it usually seems like a big hassle to put on. Plus, I have chronic back pain and often don’t feel comfortable using a carrier, especially for any length of time. At least that was my opinion until now.
With my first son, I was given four different carriers from four different friends, each with very good intensions. Some new. Some hand-me-downs. All were given with love, and all were given by folks who strongly believed that their carriers were best. I tried them all, and I wanted to use them all. However, all but one hurt my back, and that one was a bit awkward for baby. Three were made from organic materials. Several were hot to wear, and one just looked painful for the baby to be carried in. So I mostly used my stroller with my first little guy until he was old enough to hold my hand in public and walk next to me.
With my second baby, I was offered the opportunity to try the Lillebaby COMPLETE Original. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight it is, which is great when you are carrying a heavy baby for any length of time. Plus, being made of fairly lightweight materials makes it easier to store and pack. I then noticed the breathability of the materials. The COMPLETE is definitely cooler to wear, though just like some of the other carriers, the waist strap does get a bit hot after wearing it for any length of time.
Though one of my other carriers’ straps are more comfortable on the shoulders than the Lillebaby, I was so happy to see that it has extra lumbar support that none of my other carriers have. With back pain that can flare up quickly, this was the best feature in my opinion. I can actually carry my baby, who is now 9 months old, for extended periods of time and not feel like my back is in jeopardy.
I also love the versatility of the COMPLETE. No need to buy an insert for your infant. Also, you can carry your older baby both facing in and facing out. With the lightweight material, you can position the baby’s legs so that they are fully supported while facing out. This is a huge improvement over other forward-facing carriers who only provide what I call “crotch support.”
The user manual is really helpful and pretty straightforward. The photos and illustrations are very clear. Like my second favorite carrier, there is a bit of a learning curve to positioning the baby and getting the straps connected and adjusted. But with a little practice, it’s not that difficult.
So by trying and trying and trying again, I have now found a carrier that has the most benefits out of the five that I have tried. I hope you can find the one that works best for you, too!
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