StriCura is a powerful, clinically tested stretch mark and wrinkle solution. Packed with peptides, collagen and botanical extracts, it’s a high-quality pregnancy essential you can try for just $14.95 with exclusive discount code PNMAG! 

StriCura works with carefully selected proven skin care ingredients that nourish and moisturize from head to toe. It boasts a blend of three different peptides that are small enough to penetrate the skin’s surface; it’s reported that when these natural peptides are applied to the skin, it helps boost the body’s own production of collagen peptides for a tighter, firmer appearance. The formula is rich and emollient in texture while also easily absorbed for a non-greasy application every time. 

The good news for expectant moms is their expert formulators developed StriCura to be safe and effective during and after pregnancy. Rub it on your belly, hips, chest or any other areas experiencing the stretch of your budding bump for added prevention. Use it postpartum to minimize the appearance of new, old, silver or red marks. (It works for all skin types and stripes!) What’s more, it’s efficacy as a wrinkle reducer to target forehead lines, crows feet, fine lines and more is another great benefit of its unique, maximum-strength formula. Bonus: it’s also hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

StriCura is special because it actually works (just check out the online reviews)! It’s doctor recommended and offers an affordable price of $70 compared to other expensive creams on the market. We’ve partnered together to bring you an exclusive discount code to get your first tube of StriCura for just $14.95 (plus S&H). It’s safer than lasers, cheaper than botox and delivers quicker results than other treatments in as little as just three weeks! You have nothing to lose, so let this hardworking cream help your hardworking bod recover during postpartum and beyond.