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Weight around As your sprout grows, your burgeoning bump pulls […]

Weight around
As your sprout grows, your burgeoning bump pulls your center of gravity forward. This usually results in an arched back and a tilted pelvis when you stand, which puts extreme pressure on your back.

Joint effort
Pregnancy hormones (you can blame them for a lot of things!) work hard to relax joints and ligaments in preparation for birth. But while babe is still on the inside, that looseness predisposes expectant women to back problems or a weak core.

Move it
While the reasons you experience back pain create a “perfect storm” of contributing factors, according to Stefano M. Sinicropi, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, mamas-to-be have options when it comes to relief. The No. 1 way to ease the ache is to exercise, says Sinicropi, though he cautions moms not to overdo it. Gentle exercises that strengthen and stretch your core and back—think yoga or water therapy—are ideal.

Up a notch
Additionally, Sinicropi suggests trying a maternity belt for support, sleeping on your side instead of your back or seeking chiropractic care. Lastly, remember to rest. Kick your feet up, and get plenty of sleep each night. You’ll be back in action soon enough.