Pregnant or PMSing?

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Breast tenderness Sensitive ta-tas are an early indication of both […]

Breast tenderness
Sensitive ta-tas are an early indication of both pregnancy and PMS. The key distinction: Your girls will feel better once menses commences; they’ll stay sore for a while if you’re expecting.

Mood swings
Ah, the tell-tale indication of an impending period— you’re laughing one minute, crying the next and probably elated or enraged in between. Although you’ll ride the emotional roller coaster eventually if a babe is on board, it typically doesn’t get going until you’re further along.

Abdominal discomfort is common during that time of the month, but it doesn’t often occur beforehand, so it’s probably not a sign of PMS. Light cramping in early pregnancy may occur, but if it’s severe, call your care provider—it could signal a problem.

That red flow below is an obvious sign of your period arriving, but about a third of expectant women also bleed in the first trimester. Of those who do, approxi- mately half go on to carry a healthy baby.

A puffy tummy often goes hand-in-hand with PMS, so don’t mistake it for a budding bump. Bloating is unusual in the first weeks of baby-baking.

It’s rare to feel queasy before starting your period, so if you’ve been hit with an urge to purge, it’s likely a tip that there’s a wee one in your womb. Some moms-to-be don’t experience nausea at all, though, so a lack of sickness doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant.