Finish strong

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Building blocks
The first step to being mindful about your iron count is understanding its role in the human body while expecting (especially late in pregnancy). Iron is a mineral that is an essential component of blood and muscle required for the transport of oxygen. Iron-rich blood can carry more oxygen to the organs and tissues, creating a healthy home for your budding baby. Your wee one also depends on you to supply enough iron before her birth day; she will enter the world with a special reserve used to help with brain growth and development.

Babies born with an iron deficiency (also referred to as iron deficiency anemia), may experience long-term neurodevelopmental and behavioral issues, some of which may be irreversible. Studies have also shown that anemia increases lead absorption, and the prevention of iron deficiency might also serve to reduce the likelihood of lead poisoning in children.

Pump some iron
While the benefits of adequate iron are clear, it’s still a delicate balance of how much is needed and how to best obtain it. Pregnant women need at least 27 milligrams of iron every day. If planning to breastfeed, an additional 9 milligrams should be added to your diet to maintain a healthy level. Preterm and breastfed newbies may need additional iron (it’s best the check with your pediatrician), while most bottle-fed babes usually get enough iron from formula.

If the numbers have your head spinning (or you’re lost on how to make sure everyone gets what they need) consider using an iron supplement. Pharmics offers a variety of gentle, easily absorbed iron supplements in an oral tablet, chewable tablet and liquid. Unlike other brands, their products do not cause constipation while still containing a high mineral potency. It’s a safe, effective and simple way to restore balance, feel your best while pregnant and help your growing tot continue to thrive.

If you’re concerned you or your baby may be suffering from iron deficiency, talk with your health care provider before starting treatment.