Ease the quease

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 Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. A mix of […]

 Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day.
A mix of protein and complex carbs—think nut butter on whole-wheat toast—is best, but do what you can. Keeping something in your stomach usually helps. Because it’ll likely be empty when you wake up in the morning, store some crackers by the bed and nibble a few before attempting to start your day.

Make ginger your new best friend.
Remember how your mom used to give you ginger ale to drink when you were sick? Same idea. Ginger has long been known to ease tummy troubles, and it’s available in a variety of forms for expectant moms: teas, hard candies, gummies, you name it. Just be sure your treats are made with real ginger. (Alternately, some moms also swear by peppermint.)

Let your nose call the shots.
Smells can be a big player in the game of nausea. Things you previously enjoyed the aroma of could have you heaving once baby joins the party. (Coffee is a common offender, as are fatty or fried foods.) Once you’ve figured out what’s pushing your buttons, avoid it like the plague, and reach for soothing scents instead. Studies show a sniff of lemon can relieve sickness, and diffusing certain essential oils can be helpful as well.


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