Bladder matters

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The bladder, much like the uterus, is a sac that […]

The bladder, much like the uterus, is a sac that expands as needed, explains Laura Riley, MD, OB/GYN and author of You & Your Baby: Pregnancy: Your Ultimate Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide. During baby-growing months, the uterus commandeers any available space in the pelvic area. With the new tight quarters, your bladder won’t be able to hold as much liquid as it once did.

Sprung a leak
Loss of bladder control is far from glamorous, but it is common for the expectant crowd. You’ll likely have your fair share of “oops” moments when you laugh or sneeze or just can’t help it. According to Riley, pressure from the weight of your uterus weakens the bladder muscles, making it difficult to temper the flow.

Space invader
The further along in pregnancy, the bigger your uterus will be—and the faster your squished bladder will reach capacity. So it only makes sense that you’ll get that gotta-go feeling more often. After delivery, things should return to normal (in terms of bathroom breaks) once your bladder has some room to stretch like it did prebaby.