5 ways to ease the quease

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1. Eat bland food. Unfortunately for taste buds, the best way […]

1. Eat bland food. Unfortunately for taste buds, the best way to battle queasiness is to eat small, bland meals throughout the day. Chicken soup or broth, crackers and plain potatoes generally keep things in check. And any kind of ginger (ale, tea, jam on toast) you can add to your diet will help as well.

2. Find pressure points. According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, acupressure can help with a variety of problems, including nausea. The easiest point to apply pressure to reduce that sick feeling is the pressure point P-6, also known as Neiguan—a point on your inner arm close to the wrist. Try gently massaging the area two inches down from the wrist to help soothe your stomach.

3. Suck a lemon. Smelling or sucking on a lemon helps relax the stomach. Not only does the citrus smell clean, it also contains high levels of vitamin C, potassium and other minerals that fight off an uneasy tummy. Need something more travel-friendly? Try Cureeze discreet essential oil clips for safe, effective relief you can take anywhere! (Bonus: You can receive 20 percent off with code PNMAG20 now!)

4. Stay hydrated. Dehydration comes with a slew of negative symptoms, including headaches, dizziness and, you guessed it, nausea. To avoid these ailments, sip water throughout the day.

5. Get some fresh air. Scientifically, it’s not clear why opening a window helps provide relief, but we’re glad it’s an option! Cool, crisp air on your face generally helps reduce feelings of sickness, possibly because it gets rid of whatever odors might be triggering it in the first place. Body temperature also rises when you’re feeling ill, and a breeze can help you cool down.

Tip: Avoid chugging! Drinking too much too quickly can excrete water through your kidneys and increase your need to urinate (as if pregnant women need any more of that).

By Rebecca Washney

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