Books for the Progressive Family

By Published On: October 26th, 2021

While your baby’s world mainly consists of your family, home and local community, it’s never too early to introduce the continuous ideas and issues of today. Reading books and looking at pictures together makes these big topics more accessible and engaging for little ears eager for new stories.

Progressive baby books touch on equality, social justice and environmental issues in a child-friendly, age-appropriate manner. While these are complex affairs, these tiny tomes expose your peanut to current ways of thinking and living. Over time, they will learn how to ask questions, break down expectations, be aware of feelings and express who they are.

Stories that depict people of different races, cultures and family dynamics show children that the world is wonderfully diverse. They can explore life through characters who are different from them and feel seen through characters who have similarities to themselves.

Reading has the power to expand your baby’s surroundings and empower them as they grow to be open-minded, speak up and effect change. To help you ignite that spark, we’ve gathered six books from Quarto Kids for modern families to read together.

“ABC for Me: What Can She Be?: Girls Can Be Anything They Want to Be, from A to Z”

For littles with big dreams, this board book introduces them to a range of future careers, covering 26 traditional and non-traditional occupations from astronaut to zoologist and everything in between. Each bold, bright page shares a letter with a corresponding craft, encouraging young ones to think outside the box and make an impact.

“Harriet Tubman: My First Harriet Tubman” Board Book

Follow the incredible journey of Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad conductor who used strength and bravery to escape slavery and help others to freedom. Part of the “Little People, BIG DREAMS” series, this colorful board book will capture your wee one’s attention as they learn about the inspiring life of this courageous activist.

“Rosa Parks: My First Rosa Parks” Board Book

After refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus, Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and ignited historical change as she worked for equal rights. With its quirky illustrations, this tale from the “Little People, BIG DREAMS” series introduces children to the life of this civil rights activist and empowers them to stand up for others.

“An ABC of Equality” Board Book

With cheerful pictures and bite-sized text, this engaging read covers the complex concept of social justice in simple words. Each scene features a letter A through Z with a short slogan that teaches children about our world and the belief that everyone should be treated fairly, regardless of their background, ethnicity or abilities.

“Baby Young, Gifted, and Black” Mirror Book

This lyrical work combines positive affirmations with the inspirational achievements of Black icons, past and present. In exploring this curated collection of leaders, pioneers, athletes and cultural trailblazers, your tot will learn about changemakers of color from around the globe. What’s more, the mirror at the back allows them to see themselves next to these heroes, fostering confidence and self-belief.

“Rainbow Colors” Board Book

Bright, colorful illustrations and rhyming text combine to introduce kids to the colors of the rainbow and the concept of diversity. Each curved, layered page reveals objects of a different color, forming a rainbow and leading to a final spread that depicts a “rainbow” of children from all over the world. Seeing its beauty supports the positive message of diversity, unity and inclusivity.