That’s a Wrap: I Finally Found the Perfect Baby Bath Towel

By Published On: July 1st, 2022

If you think all towels are the same, read this real-mom review of Sodateru Towels.


What’s sweeter than a freshly bathed babe after bathtime? It’s been one of my favorite moments of the day since I became a mom; wrapping my wiggly worms up in a towel and seeing their tiny smiling faces peek through is ingrained in my mind as a fond motherhood memory.

As a mom of four kiddos, the youngest being just 7 months old, I’ve facilitated a lot of bathtimes and have more-or-less stuck with the same products I’ve come to know and love. The one exception, though, is the bath towel, despite reaching for it as often as the baby wash. I’ve amassed countless towels, and nothing has ever wowed me. But before you assume that’s because a towel is a towel is a towel, know that technology is making waves in the world of baby linens. (It’s not just for smartphones and gadgets on “Shark Tank.”)

Sodateru Towel is a luxury Japanese brand that uses a special manufacturing technology to produce towels that get softer and fluffier after every wash. (Not exactly like a fine wine, per se, but these towels still somehow get better with age.) Their newest baby line offers the same innovation in mini-sized versions perfect for keeping your wee one washed, warm, and comfy. Here’s why I recommend Sodateru over other brands:

Key Features

Thoughtful packaging

If you’re shopping for a fellow mom-to-be’s registry and need a quality (yet practical) gift, the Sodateru Towels come in a variety of attractive packaging that makes for the perfect baby shower present. (The petite towels in the mini egg carton are super cute! And honestly, parents are always reaching for the nearest wipe to clean the newest mess, making these durable towels more environmentally friendly, too.)

Dynamic fabric

The towels arrive in a soft and suitable state for everyday bathing and look nice upon arrival. My first order of business was … yep, you guessed it: wash, dry and watch the magic unfold. I ran my Sodateru Towels through a quick cycle (nothing fancy: warm water, tumble dry on low), and they were ready in a snap. I could immediately see and feel the difference I expected: fluffier, softer, and more voluminous. So for good measure, I washed them again. By the end of the second cycle, there was no denying that the towels changed in texture and consistency for the better. 

Quality design

I was pleased to see that Sodateru prioritized fashion and function with their line of baby towels. The soft colors match any design aesthetic, and the actual product itself is something I wouldn’t mind leaving out on the bathroom counter versus stashing in the bathroom drawer. Another quality detail I appreciated is the name patch stitched in the corner of the towel which provides an ideal place for a baby’s monogram. It’s a small, intentional element that’s also sentimental.

What I Like About the Product

The Sodateru Towels (all of them, not just the baby line) are naturally softened during the wash cycle without the need for fabric softener. This is a big benefit to me because I try really hard to avoid chemicals and fragrances in the products we use on our children. Before now, I’ve regrettably reached for a stiff, coarse towel more than once, which is not what I want to use on my infant’s delicate skin. Thankfully this isn’t a problem to solve with Sodateru.

I also love the idea that a product used as often as a baby’s towel could get better with wear—genius! I wish I could apply this concept to my kids’ pajamas and my favorite leggings that pill a bit more with every wear. For the amount of laundry I do each week, this is a welcomed perk.

What Makes Sodateru Different from Other Brands

In simple terms, it’s the advanced technology used to make its products. In more descriptive terms, it’s specifically due to their patented thread—Spongee Cotton 100—that’s produced using cutting-edge technology and Japanese manufacturing expertise. This special thread is durable, lightweight, soft, and highly absorbent. It’s what gives Sodateru towels the ability to increase in volume and fluffiness over time while still doing what towels do best: keeping things dry.

For comparison, regular towels are made of fibers that twist cotton threads in the same direction. According to Sodateru, Spongee Cotton 100 thread is made by twisting cotton and water-soluble threads in opposite directions, resulting in more air gaps between the cotton fibers, and ultimately, a more comfortable towel after every wash and dry.

Who Would Enjoy this Product

While everyone can benefit from this innovative approach to the common bath towel, there are a few instances where Sodateru would be the prime pick for parents:

If you love the less-is-more method

Why replace other towels when you can buy from Sodateru and use them longer? This idea is applied to other areas of baby gear; we buy the convertible car seat, the transitional crib, and the stroller that can sport a double seat and a rider board. We love gear that grows with our tots. This idea is similar in that Sodateru towels actually grow in volume and offer longevity of use. 

If you love keepsakes

Their baby towel, sweetly named “My first towel” is actually the kind of thing you could add to the baby box in a few years (see monogramming comment above). Because Sodateru products age well, you likely won’t be saving what appears to be a rag down the road.

If you love showering (again)

Maybe this is just me, but once I was able to take real showers again postpartum, I started paying closer attention to my bath products. It’s worth it to me to create a spa-like experience (you know, as close to one as possible for 15 minutes) as a quick form of self-love. I deserve fluffy towels, too! Sodateru’s line of feel towels is great for the whole family if you’re looking to elevate your linen closet.

This post is a paid partnership with Sodateru, a line of luxurious towels we’ve personally washed, used, and come to love.