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There’s nothing more terrifying for a parent than giving your new baby their first bath. Newborns curl into little balls of fluff and fall into themselves as you try to hold them up in a vessel of water. Going into the task again with our second child, we had an idea of what worked, but when introduced to the Syki Bath Support we were blown away at just how easy a bath could be.

The Syki Baby Bath Support is easy to use straight out of the packaging. There’s nothing to set up—just place in your tub, and it’s ready to go. The bath support has a hygienic soft touch surface with two cushions for the head, a protective area for genitals, and two suction cups below to prevent it from moving around the tub. When you fill your tub with water, it seeps through the perforated back, creating a cozy environment for your baby’s bath. My son often falls asleep in this bath support because he’s comfortable and safe. I’m sure he can sense just how calm I am using this bath support. As a result of him being safe I enjoy the task of bath much more than in a traditional baby tub.

The Syki Baby Bath Support is made in France and can be used from 0 to 6 months. My 5-pound, 14-ounce premie was easy to handle with this support, and I plan to suggest it to friends and family.

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