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I remember how small my baby looked in her first […]

I remember how small my baby looked in her first tub. As a new mom, I was a little nervous about handling a slippery kid safely. I eventually got the hang of it, but bathtime was still not as fun as I knew it could be. Then, I got the Puj Flyte, and it made all the difference! Bathtime was an entirely new experience for me, my husband and our little one.

It’s a one-piece, foldable tub that requires no assembly and no adjustments. You can use it straight out of the box. This is probably one of the simplest pieces of baby gear we own. Seriously.

My back sang hallelujah when I no longer had to bend and twist over our bathtub to bathe our daughter in her sideways-facing tub. She’s a wiggly one, and there was so much space in her old tub—it was honestly a bit stressful. The Flyte solved that problem with its minimal style. It fits right in the sink and is small enough to hold her securely and large enough for me to bathe her without contorting myself. I can stand at any sink in our house (or when we’re away on vacation!) and give her a bath.

Our slick, hard plastic tub did not offer a comfortable position for the baby. The Flyte safely cradles and supports her. The tub is flexible and slip-resistant. It’s a soft, non-absorbent material that’s BPA- and PVC-free. She is always comfortable when we place her in the tub now. She just has a blast laughing and splashing in the water.

Just like baby, the Flyte cleans easily with mild soap and water. There’s a hole for hanging it on a hook. Once dry, it folds for the most compact storage I’ve ever seen with an infant tub.

This is our go-to tub now. Bathroom sink at the grandparents’ house? No problem. Kitchen sink at home? Done. The Puj Flyte is lightweight and compact. It even fits in my big diaper bag! It’s a ready-for-anything tub that’s portable, easy on your back and fun for baby. Win, win, win.

Price: $35
To buy: Puj.com

By Jillian