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As a mom of two toddlers with one on the way, I’ve seen my fair share of baby gear. Overtime I became very fond—as I’m sure many parents would agree—of gear that grows with your child. One area where this feature lacks in the baby industry is cribs. While many cribs convert to toddler beds, they can feel too large for a newborn and often aren’t easily mobile for transferring from the parent bedroom to the nursery; parents are often forced to buy an additional bassinet for the early months or set up a daybed in baby’s space for nighttime.


If this sounds like you, I found the perfect solution in NESTiG’s The Wave Crib! This sustainably made new-kid-on-the-block starts off as a portable mini-crib (with locking wheels) and seamlessly transitions into a full-sized crib and a toddler bed at no extra cost! Yep, for a flat fee you’ll receive all pieces, parts, odds and ends to keep you bundle bound for bedtime for years to come.


NESTiG’s The Wave Crib in the full-size crib set-up


To truly test out how parent-friendly this thing is (it boasts a quick 10-minute assembly), I attempted to put it together with my two curious toddlers in the room. I knew I wanted to start with the mini-crib and was pleased to find that all the boxes (it ships in four separate packages, one being the mini mattress) were labeled on the outside to avoid opening up everything at one time; it’s a good thing they were labeled because the boxes come well packaged and are a bit hard to open, so have a box-cutter or some quality scissors handy!


My initial impression was that the crib was both high-quality and well made. The wooden pieces were beautiful and had a perfect sheen to complement the natural pine coloring. As strange as this may sound, I was mostly drawn to the amazing smell! (I guess you could blame the pregnancy hormones, but it smelt heavenly in my living room and made the process even more enjoyable.) The Brazilian craftsmanship was evident in the design, and overall, I felt it looked and felt superior to other brands. Even upon the arrival of my husband returning from work, he took one look at it and said, “Hey, that’s a really nice crib!” I took that as additional confirmation we had hit the jackpot this time.


NESTiG’s The Wave Crib in the mini-crib set-up


As I made my way through the manual, I noticed the instructions were a blend of illustrations and some mild text tips, which I appreciated. Having also spent too many hours trying to assemble furniture from Amazon or IKEA in the past (read: too many small pieces to count), I was pleased with the clear steps and minimal hardware. (Note: You do need a Phillips screwdriver.)


It’s also probably worth noting that it’s encouraged to have two people present when putting The Wave together, which I’m assuming plays into the estimated time for completion. It did take me longer than 10 minutes to get rocking and rolling, but much of that was getting acquainted with the parts, counting the screws, etc. Once I actually got started, it was quick, easy and pretty intuitive. What’s more, the construction felt super sturdy and didn’t leave me questioning whether or not I did something incorrectly and could possibly bring harm to my baby.


The same rules applied for the full-sized crib and the toddler bed. It was essentially the same set-up idea with different parts, which made for a much more efficient go at each stage. Just make sure you hold onto the manual and have someplace safe to keep the smaller hardware pieces, as not everything is used at the same time.


NESTiG’s The Wave Crib in the toddler bed set-up


A few additional features I’d like to touch on are the brand’s production policy and commitment to safety. Each product is procured from sustainable sources and made with reforested wood. Their business model is built on zero-inventory and zero-waste practices, meaning NESTiG only makes products to order to minimize excess. They also enforce ethical and fair labor practices, so you can feel good about your purchase. Products are rigorously tested and independently certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and come with an 18-year limited warranty—score!


Maintaining The Wave Crib is pretty minimal. Clean with a damp, soft rag and follow with a dry rag to avoid leaving the surface wet. It’s advised to not use abrasive chemicals as they can strip the integrity of the wood (and aren’t great for baby either). It’s also a good idea to periodically check on all the screws to ensure proper tightness.


If you’re loving all these details but have a different aesthetic in mind for your wee one’s nursery, you’re in luck! The brand offers two other gorgeous crib options for modern mamas. (See below.) I would absolutely recommend this product to fellow parents because it’s a great price for everything that’s included at a quality standard; it’s a beautiful design that will elevate any room, and it offers a fuss-free set-up that allows for optimal mobility and storage later on. I’m so thankful to have been able to review it and admire The Wave Crib in person!



NESTiG’s The Cloud Crib (top), The Snow Crib (bottom)


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