WavHello SoundBub

By Published On: September 16th, 2016

After using the WavHello SoundBub I have to say it’s […]


The 3 varieties of soundbub; owl, bear and rabbit


Baby sound asleep with his rabbit soundbub

After using the WavHello SoundBub I have to say it’s a mama must-have! My littlest one nods off faster and sleeps more soundly when his SoundBub buddy is around, which means mom can rest easy, too. It’s a win-win!

As soon as I took the SoundBub out of the box I was already impressed by its design. It’s cute but in a streamlined and modern way. I definitely don’t mind having this adorable owl hanging out in the nursery. (Other styles include a bunny and bear.) My baby boy likes the feel of the cozy cover, and it’s easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.
Once I made sure the rechargeable battery was good to go, I downloaded the free VoiceShare app on my phone to see what this clever gadget could do. The setup process couldn’t have been easier.

The product comes ready to use and preloaded with two white noise soundtracks (just push the belly button to play). But if white noise isn’t your tot’s jam, there are plenty of other options. Connect the SoundBub with any Bluetooth enabled device to play familiar tunes, and you can even use the app to record your own voice—whether you want to share a sweet message or sing your babe to sleep. I love that my little guy can hear me singing his naptime song even if he’s visiting grandma or with a babysitter for the day.


The small and portable soundbub can be easily carried anywhere

The app also allows you to create playlists and play music all from the palm of your hand. Choose from the classic lullabies already included or add your own songs to the lineup. When bedtime rolls around, you can set the timer to play for 30, 60 or 90 minutes—or opt for continuous play. I use the latter a lot for naps, and every time I do I’m grateful that I don’t have to keep circling back to push play one more time.
Because of its compact size and light weight, this handy helper is conveniently portable. The stand that props the SoundBub up can also function as a clip. We use it to attach the SoundBub to baby’s crib at home and the stroller bars when we’re out and about. You can hang it on pretty much anything, which makes it great for travel. My husband loves that he doesn’t have to lug around a bunch of cords wherever we go. It slips right into the diaper bag and can plug into any USB port to charge.

For all the perks of the SoundBub (and there are many!), my favorite part is how personal this pal can be. We’ve used the app to record my husband reading a favorite storybook, so our little one can hear daddy’s voice even when he’s out of town. I even plan to have each of our family members record something special because so many live in other states and a few are overseas. With all their voices a push button away, our baby will feel like they’re right there in the room with him.
All in all, I’d definitely recommend this product. We’ve used ours practically every day since it arrived, and I have a feeling I’ll be using it for years to come.
Price: $60
Where to buy: wavhello.com