Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper Review

By Published On: April 29th, 2022

"I put the jumper in the doorway between my bedroom and bathroom, so I am able to get ready each morning without worrying what my baby is getting into or stopping what I’m doing every few minutes to entertain her—a parent’s dream!"

As the mother of a newly mobile and curious baby, I am always looking for ways to keep her entertained and in one place. Otherwise, I would never get anything done. The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is a classic tool for this type of baby activity. It mounts to the doorway and allows your little one to jump and play and strengthen her legs and core—so you can do the dishes, eat a sandwich or sit for five minutes and scroll Instagram. Overall, it’s been a helpful addition to our daily routine. Here’s what makes it a great piece of baby gear to have on hand:

Setting Up

The door jumper assembles with no trouble at all. It has a play tray that is already attached to the spring and door mount. All you have to do is clip the cloth seat pad to the tray. (The seat can easily be unclipped and is machine washable, and the rest of the jumper can be wiped down if messes occur.) Next, you clip the top of the jumper above your mounted doorframe. It is spring-loaded and designed to support your baby’s weight up to 25 pounds. Finally, you should adjust the height of the seat so that only your baby’s toes touch the floor.

Getting the adjustable height right was a little tricky for us because our daughter is very tall and the strap needed extra tweaking. This was somewhat explained in the product details of the manual, but not as clearly as I’d have liked. Eventually we figured it out, though. The strap still needs to be readjusted after she’s been playing for a while.

It is recommended that babies be able to hold their heads up and support some of their own weight on their feet before using the product. The weight requirements are between 5.5 and 25 pounds.

Notable Features

There are so many baby toys on the market, from bouncers to activity centers and more, but these added features of the Bumper Jumper help it stand out as a prime pick for parents.

Interactive Design

The jumper seat is jungle themed and comes with little hippo and zebra toys and rings on the straps to clip them to. My daughter quickly pulled them off the clips and dropped them on the floor. I had some other ring toys I clipped on instead, so you can always swap them for your tot’s favorites or something new and exciting.

Ease of Mobility

Unlike bulky baby bouncers or the popular Jolly Jumper, this thing can go anywhere I go, in or out of the house. Most days, I put the jumper in the doorway between my bedroom and bathroom, so I am able to get ready each morning without worrying what my baby is getting into or stopping what I’m doing every few minutes to entertain her—a parent’s dream! When I’m done, I just pop the jumper off the doorframe (by opening the spring-loaded clamp) and place it in my closet.

We recently took a trip and brought the jumper with us. It took up very little space in the car and made staying in a not-so-baby-safe house much easier.

No-Mark Clamp

We’ve been using it for a while and haven’t noticed any marks above the door, which is surprising given how sturdy it feels and the amount of movement she makes while jumping.

Non-Twist Straps

The plastic dome at the top keeps the straps in line, making getting her in and out of the jumper quick and easy. (If only my car seat straps could do the same thing!)

What I Liked About this Baby Jumper

Any parent can attest to the value of a product that keeps the attention of small children. My daughter has stayed in the jumper for up to 30 minutes before she’s ready for a change of scenery. It may not seem like much to some, but for her that is a really long time! For that reason alone, I think this product is a lifesaver and understand why it’s frequently out of stock.

It’s also nice to have an upright sitting option that keeps baby safely in one place. My daughter doesn’t like being on the floor lately, but I also don’t want to keep her in her highchair or stroller for very long if I need a few minutes. This adds one more option to the mix, and with kids, you can never have enough of those.

Areas for Improvement

It would be nice if the brand offered additional color options and themes. I think the little jungle print is sweet, but plenty of parents prefer a more neutral aesthetic.

Who Would Enjoy this Product

The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is a great product for parents with mobile babes that need a stress-free outlet to expend some energy. It would also serve a family who travels often and doesn’t desire to bring bulky entertainment gear, or a crew the lives in a smaller space and needs to preserve as much floor space as possible.

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, $50