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As someone who works with baby gear every day, I’ll be the first to admit that it takes a lot for a product to impress me. But when I first saw the Boon Naked, I distinctly remember saying, “Whoa,” and that’s no small feat. But truth is, it’s simply that cool.

The things I wanted out of my baby’s bathtubs when they were tiny were threefold: One, I wanted them to be able to lay reclined. Two, I wanted them to be able to sit up and be contained in a smaller space once they had the capability to be upright on their own. And three, I wanted the tub not to take up loads of space in my bathroom. Boon has accomplished all three of these things in a simple, sleek design.

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-2-17-51-pmThe tub has three configurations: 1. compressed and flat (storage mode), 2. incline position (for the smallest babes) and 3. full basin position (for sitting up tots):

The flat mode is fabulous for tucking the tub away after bath time. An attached hook swivels out for hanging, meaning you can even use the shower head as the bath’s resting place, allowing it to drip dry in the shower stall.

Once you’re ready to pop it out for use in the reclined position, there is a simple metal brace on the bottom that flips out to rest in a groove, stabilizing the back securely. Then once you have an upright kiddo, push the whole bottom out flat to create the bath basin. Easy peasy, and a good looking modern design in five color choices to boot.

I highly recommend this tub for any family with a babe on the way!

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