Blooming Bath Lotus Review

By Published On: May 27th, 2022

“The Lotus had a similar effect to wrapping my son in a warm towel during bathtime. I especially liked how the minky cushion absorbed the water and created a soft and warm place for him to sit.”

At first glance, the Blooming Bath Lotus appears to be a simple product—it’s a plush bath flower that you place in the bathroom sink, kitchen sink or tub, as a cushion or support while bathing your newborn to 6-month-old baby. However, I found that it took a few tries before I figured out the best way to use this product for the first time. Here’s what I learned and loved about the Blooming Bath Lotus.

Setting Up

My favorite baby gear products are the ones that require zero assembly and little-to-no brain power. You can use the Lotus baby bath right out of the box, no questions asked.

The Lotus is a newer version of the original Blooming Bath. The main difference is that the Lotus only has four “petals,” while the original version has seven. The four wider petals give the bath cushion more structure, but they also make it more difficult to fit into smaller spaces.

At first I couldn’t get it to fit comfortably into my bathroom sink. Next, I tried using it in the bathtub and my wiggly newborn was sliding all over the place. After checking out Blooming Bath’s website, I noticed that most parents were wedging the plush flower into their sinks like a cup, plugging the sink drain and filling the bottom few inches (or desired level) with excess water. Once I figured out that trick, I did love it.

Notable Features

Comfortable Design

The Lotus is super soft and reminds me of a mini mattress topper for the sink. I especially liked how the minky cushion absorbed the water and created a soft and warm baby bath seat for my little one. The plush materials had a similar effect to wrapping him in a warm towel during the bath. When I tried other non-slip infant tubs my baby would be sitting on a hard plastic surface that wasn’t the softest and didn’t seem to be as comfortable for him as the Lotus. Overall, he seemed to really enjoy his sink bath, and I appreciated not bending over a tub. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors for your munchkin to enjoy, though I’m partial to the seafoam green.

Easy Cleanup

After the bath, cleanup was fairly simple. I rinsed the Lotus with clean water (although it can be tossed in the washer), wrung it out, and let it drain in my bathtub. It dried completely within a few hours and was mildew-free thanks to the polyurethane foam center. I was able to fold it up and place it in the cabinet under my sink for storage. If you need to dry the tub more quickly, it’s dryer-safe—you can throw it in on the delicate cycle or gentle cycle. The Lotus also includes a hangtag if you want to hang it up to dry. This is a great hassle-free solution for people with small bathrooms or people like me who don’t have a dedicated kids’ bathroom and want to store the baby bath products out of sight.

Areas for Improvement

As a new parent, the bathtime experience can be challenging at best. When selecting a bath tub for my baby I’m concerned for his safety, but also his comfort. I didn’t feel like the Blooming Bath Lotus was as safe as some other baby bath tubs because it didn’t provide the same amount of support that the more rigid rubber and plastic tubs provided. It was much easier for my baby to slide around in the Lotus and it was difficult to keep him in a semi-reclined or seated position. This won’t be as much of a problem as he gets older, but for a newborn it made bathtime somewhat difficult. However, once I got my baby positioned correctly in the Lotus, he seemed to be very comfortable and he enjoyed the soft surface.

Another thing to mention about this baby tub is that it can get pretty gross, especially if baby poops while washing or you’ve got a bad case of cradle cap on your hands. It’s large enough to make rinsing it off in the sink a bit challenging, so I’m usually forced to leave it be—no matter the state of yuck—until I can come back to it later on after my son is changed and in a safe place. If soiled things make you cringe, this might not be the best infant bath for you.

Who Would Enjoy this Baby Product

The Blooming Bath Lotus would be a great option for parents of young babies. The recommended age limit is 6 months, and given the rate my little tyke is growing, I’d say that’s an accurate cut-off estimate. This comfy tub is also helpful for moms and dads not keen on leaning over the side of the tub to clean their bambino (which is probably most parents). Even with a bath mat, it gets uncomfortable. Having baby at waist-level makes for an easier bathtime experience for everyone.

By Katherine