Baby Monster Kuki Twin Stroller

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If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight double stroller that’s travel-friendly, the new Baby Monsters Kuki Twin is worth a look. My interest was piqued when I first clicked on the link and saw the stroller fit into a backpack-style travel bag. As a mama who’s wrangled unwieldy baby gear through the airport on more occasions than I can count, I was like, SIGN ME UP.

Baby Monsters was a new-to-me brand, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was instantly impressed when (a) the stroller arrived in a surprisingly small and lightweight box (“Are you sure there wasn’t a second box?” I asked my husband), and (b) assembly was mercifully intuitive and easy. We were up in running in just 15-20 minutes, and that’s with the constant “help” of my toddler. I should also add (c) it really is as compact in person as it seems online! I initially strapped it onto my back while 9 months pregnant and doing so didn’t even leave me winded. (And everything left me winded at that point.) 

How does the Kuki Twin manage its notably tiny stature? Both the handlebar and bumper bars are jointed, so it collapses both width- and height-wise. Folding the stroller is simple and fuss-free (and does require two hands), and the bumper bar can be removed when using the backpack-style travel bag. Really smart! 

Despite being small, the Kuki Twin functions like a full-size stroller in many ways. Its independent, soft-fabric canopies provide full coverage and are rated UPF 50+. The seats individually recline to a near-flat position (using the pinch-and-cinch system common on most lighter weight strollers) and have proven comfortable for the multiple toddler-size children we’ve pushed around in it. It boasts anti-puncture EVA wheels that have traversed our city sidewalks (and cracks and curbs and gravel) with only occasional need to “pop a wheelie” over bumpy patches. And the undercarriage basket is respectably sized, though shallow and a bit tricky to access. Using a relatively flat diaper bag, or packing items individually versus in diaper bag helps! 

While I’d worried I’d feel like I was pushing a monstrosity of a stroller down the street—the side-by-side ride is a new category of stroller for us—it was surprisingly pleasant and reasonable. We were able to navigate around passing pedestrians and in and out of doors without trouble or feeling like a spectacle. The Kuki Twin also happily fits in the trunk of our car with room to spare (which is more than I can say for our full-size single stroller, ha!). And on the (fortunately rare) occasion that we need to haul it up to our modest third-story walk-up, it’s totally manageable and can be stowed almost unnoticeably in a corner. At just 67 cm x 44 cm x 26 cm collapsed, I can’t remark enough on its compactness! Our passengers have been quite content riding in the “new stroller!” and adore having someone at their side to keep them company. We’re thrilled to have a non-cumbersome mode of transport for daily use, and especially for traveling. A serious game-changer!

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