Dealing with Pregnancy Stretch Marks

By Published On: October 25th, 2021

Your body goes through a host of changes during pregnancy and postpartum, some of which leave lasting evidence. It’s normal because you have a normal human body with normal human skin. And while we are certainly team Sport Your Stripes and support moms to wear them proud, all women have different comfort levels when it comes to stretch marks and body image in general.

Whatever your preferences, know that you’re in good company if you have them. Approximately 80 percent of Americans do—that’s eight out of every 10 people! It’s believed that family history plays a role in whether or not you’ll develop stretch marks during pregnancy, and perhaps that’s true. However, moms of many babies will tell you that after the skin stretches a handful of times, the elasticity eventually gives, making it more susceptible to developing these common marks.

There are a zillion options to attempt preventing and treating stretch marks during pregnancy and after baby arrives. The truth is that you may not be able to get rid of stretch marks, and aiming to gain weight at a moderate pace over the next nine months is your best bet for minimizing their impact. However, things can be done to improve comfort, skin function overall and boost appearances.

Bodily The Everything Bra

Wearing a proper bra to accommodate the growth and change in shape of your breasts during pregnancy may aid in avoiding stretch marks. It’s important for pregnant women to always use a comfortable, supportive bra and continue the habit while breastfeeding. Stay away from anything that’s too tight or constricting, and pick a soft fabric to avoid irritating sore nipples.

Bodily, $48

Earth Mama Organics Belly Bundle

This moisturizing duo doubles down on tightness and itchy skin when you need relief while also maintaining hydration for your pregnancy body by keeping the skin pliable. The two together are rich, luxurious and most importantly, safe for mom, baby and the environment. (PS: Despite its name, this set is good to be used anywhere for skin care.)

Earth Mama Organics, $40

Dermaclara Silicone Stretch Mark Kit

Apply these large medical grade silicone patches early in pregnancy as preventative care, or use on areas with an existing appearance of stretch marks. Silicone, when applied to the skin, creates a microclimate that naturally encourages healing while it regulates collagen production and boosts elastin. This kit is safe to use during all trimesters and can also benefit old stretch marks that have already turned silver.

Dermaclara, $50

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter

This award-winning moisturizer is clinically proven to preserve and maintain your skin’s elasticity. Touted as one of the most resilient stretch mark creams, it’s crafted with omega fatty acids, antioxidants and yummy natural ingredients, like almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter. It’s dermatologist-tested and has an approval rating of 98 percent from other mamas.

Mama Mio, $29

Shaklee Collagen-9 Powder

Increased collagen and elastin promote skin regeneration that can improve appearance and reduce scarring. Adding a collagen powder is a great additional treatment option to whatever you’re applying topically to get rid of stretch marks. This powder packs 10 grams of collagen per serving along with vitamin C and amino acids.

Shaklee, $30

Anese That Booty Tho Scrub

Boasting a better booty in a jar, this walnut shell scrub tightens, softens and adds glow to your hips and backside, areas of which can also be affected by rapid weight gain or loss from pregnancy and beyond. While you’re already in the buff, use this buffing treatment to add some bliss to your beauty routine.

Anese, $29

Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment

If you need something stronger after pregnancy and are no longer breastfeeding, this powerful body cream is infused with encapsulated Retinol and vitamin E for smoother, firmer looking skin. It’s a bit of an investment, but it’s a worthwhile alternative to laser therapy, microneedling and other upper-tier treatments. (Note once more: Retinoids are NOT safe for pregnant woman and are not recommended while breastfeeding.)

Chantecaille, $102

Welly Water Bottle

Technically, hydrating will not help you in the stretch mark department, but water does increase the overall presentation of your skin and benefits the body in many other ways. Even if it’s not a miracle-worker for scars, drinking enough water should still be part of your skin-care regimen, not to mention your daily routine. Utilize a premium reusable bottle that keeps water cooler for longer. Our pick is the Welly line of stainless steel bottles, mugs and tumblers.

Welly, $35

Stricura Scar Treatment

This peptide-packed formula plays double-duty and has glowing reviews from customers for treating both wrinkles and stretch marks. Ingredients including potent peptides, marine collagen extract and elastin are combined into a rich, emollient cream that’s easily absorbed.

Stricura, $70

Lauren Lisle