Seasonal eats

Load up on fresh, local produce to provide the very best for you and baby.

If you’re searching for some kitchen inspiration, look no further than your local market. Eating in-season fruits and vegetables offers up a bevy of benefits for …

Your health: Because the foods are picked at their peak and make it to your plate more quickly, they offer topmost nutrition and quality sustenance. In fact, some studies have shown that in-season produce can be up to three times more nutritious than out-of-season options.

Your wallet: Seasonal, local foods are more readily available and, therefore, less expensive.

Your palate: Not only are seasonal eats typically tastier, but the variety you’ll find while perusing the aisles will provide plenty of inspiration for fares outside your usual eating fare.

The environment: Without the need for far-reaching transportation or an artificial growing season, the carbon footprint of your meal is greatly reduced.

*Note: Farmers markets or stands offer up the best in local produce, but many groceries also carry (and label) produce that is locally grown.


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