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4 rules for eating sushi while pregnant Nutrition

4 rules for eating sushi while pregnant

There’s no reason to break up with sushi just because you’re growing a baby.

A pregnant woman walks into a sushi bar … and if you’re thinking she can’t eat there, then the joke’s on you. If the craving strikes, it’s safe for moms-to-be to indulge as long as they abide by these rules.

Avoid the raw bar.
You shouldn’t be consuming any uncooked (or undercooked) seafood. Swap sashimi for surimi, which is made with wild Alaskan pollock and flavored with natural crabmeat or lobster. It’s low in fat and loaded with omega-3s. (New to surimi? Find step-by-step recipes at

Veg out.
Other pregnancy-safe varieties include veggie-packed options, like cucumber rolls. You can also ask for your go-to roll sans seafood.

Share the good news.
Let the chef know that you’re expecting, and ask him to switch to a clean knife and cutting board when preparing your meal to avoid cross-contamination.

Do it yourself.
Instead of dining out, try whipping up your own creations at home. That way you can sub in good-for-baby ingredients and cut out any that pose a risk (or trigger your morning sickness).


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