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9 reasons to take a birth class Labor & Delivery

9 reasons to take a birth class

Knowledge really is power—especially when it comes to birthing a baby.

When you’ve got a new family member joining your crew, time is precious—so you can clock some quality time with your partner, tackle that home improvement project that’s been on your to-do list for months or just sit back and relax. But knowledge is power! These are just a few of the many perks to taking a birthing class …

  • Build awareness of your body’s progression through pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Voice concerns and ease fears by asking questions early and often.
  • Understand the procedures in practice at your hospital or birth center.
  • Receive personal guidance in a small classroom atmosphere.
  • Prepare your partner for his role in the delivery room and postpartum.
  • Build a network of support that you can lean on both now and later.
  • Go into labor with realistic expectations (and uncover fewer surprises).
  • Develop a birth plan.
  • Know the options available to you.
    • Medication choices and results, plus pain relief alternatives
    • Locations for giving birth
    • Particular birthing methods
    • Other scenarios you could encounter


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