Seeing it all: The birth of Carlos

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I am the mother of a beautiful 6-month-old baby boy! I would say that my baby is the most handsome and perfect, but in reality, all babies are. All babies are wonderful and all mothers play a very difficult role every day. But without a doubt, it is the best experience that exists … being a mom.

I was 38 weeks pregnant when I went to my office to see my doctor. I was walking as if I had eaten a whole cow and was struggling to breathe! When I arrived at the office, the first thing I had to do was be weighed before getting to see my Gynecologist. After he finished the assessment, he decided to send me to the hospital to be induced and start delivery.

I soon arrived at the hospital and started the long process of filling out the paperwork. I then put on my hospital gown and they started monitoring the baby and gave me my IV. The moment finally came when the contractions started working. I thought I was going to die from the nerves, because I did not know what expect. My family and friends were there to accompany me. The nurses were a wonderful team of women who were always very nice and compassionate toward me.

The contractions began to peak and I started suffering from the pain. But I was still happy, because the time was near to meet my prince! It is worth mentioning that I was always extremely nervous about delivery, because I did not know if I could do it correctly. But I realized the body of a woman is designed so perfectly that it knows what to do.

I remember the doctor arrived and asked if I wanted a mirror to see. What? Of course not! If I already felt I could die of nerves, seeing how everything was happening would give me even more anxiety. I wanted to forget about it! My doctor was wearing glasses, and with the reflection of the lamp bulbs, I saw everything!

“I see it from the reflection in your glasses! I see everything!” I screamed.

I had no choice but to keep pushing and watch. After 3-4 pushing sessions, my son was born. He is the wonderful being that God sent to me as a son, and his name is Carlos M.

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By Claudia Jaquez

Images: Courtesy of Claudia Jaquez