What to pack in your hospital bag

Our top picks you won't want to leave home without.

When it comes to labor and delivery, you have much bigger things to worry about than what’s tucked inside a duffle bag. Grab these essentials before the big day, so you can stay focused on bringing baby into the world.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, lotion … and whatever else you need to feel refreshed after pushing a tiny human out of your lady parts.

Cellphone and charger—plus, a wireless charger may be helpful if the outlet is located in an inconvenient spot, or you and your partner both need one at the same time. (You have texts to send, social media posts to publish and so many baby pictures to take!)




Shapewear: Best utilized immediately following labor and delivery (and beyond!), shape wear is all about helping your healing body and providing extra abdominal support as you transition into nursing and everyday life with baby.


Our choice is the Wink Shapewear 2X Blaster. This ultimate compression garment delivers the best results for postpartum and post-surgery recovery. It will help reduce lax saggy skin, slim your body by at least two inches and eliminates the post-belly pooch. Quality shapewear will complement your healing and enhance your experience as a new mom.



Nursing goods: A nursing bra (go up a cup size, so the girls—likely swollen and tender when your milk comes in—can get some relief), nursing tanks and nursing pads (your milk will come in whether you plan to breastfeed or not, and you’ll appreciate the leak protection either way) will all prove helpful as your breasts adjust.


Odds and ends: We suggest throwing a few yummy snacks in the bag, too. You can’t rely on whatever is in the hallway vending machines, and the cafeteria hours most likely will not sync up with your birth schedule. Another thing to include is a notepad and a few pens to jot down questions, tips from the nurses, memories for the baby book or even baby’s feeding times.


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