Products We’re Loving for July

By Published On: July 3rd, 2023

Goods designed to keep your family, your home, and yourself organized.

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After having my first child nearly seven years ago, I’m convinced a portion of my brain just shut down, and it has yet to reboot. Back in my childless days, I was always on time, both my car and living space were usually tidy, and I rarely left clothes in the washing machine overnight. Shoot, pre-baby me was so organized that all my food storage containers had lids! Now that I’m a mom, paying the water bill before getting a “second notice” sent to me feels like a win. 

Most parents can probably relate to this because once little ones enter the picture, they’re suddenly asked to keep track of so much. Clothing and shoe sizes, doctor appointments, school supply lists, daycare tuition payments, developmental milestones, extracurricular sign-up dates, feeding schedules and packed lunches, teacher appreciation gifts, and car seat protocol—and that doesn’t even include any of the appointments and deadlines of your own. It’s a lot, and no amount of coffee will wake your brain up enough to mentally keep track of everything. 

That’s why we need systems and great products to help us stay organized, whether they’re for our homes or our schedules (or, let’s be honest, both). There is no shortage of organizational products out there, so sifting through them all to find one or two that will work for you can feel like another item on your never-ending to-do list. As moms, we get it, which is why we chose “organization” as our theme for July’s editors’ picks. These products offer organizational functionality without sacrificing style and are designed to simplify your life.

Artkive Box Membership

It begins with daycare sending home art featuring your baby’s hand and footprints, then it’s the sweet scribbles your tot presents to you as a gift, then it’s the project your kiddo made for the elementary school art fair, and before you know it you’re practically drowning in works of art. Instead of feeling guilty every time you sneak to the recycling bin to toss out a few masterpieces while your little one is asleep, sign up for an annual Artkive Box Membership. With an Artkive box the process is simple: first, you send in your child’s art, then they photograph and edit each piece, and finally, they upload the images into your account; from there, you can choose to store the images, make a book, create a framed mosaic, or even get a USB of your child’s work. It’s a great program but the price quickly adds up without a membership, so if your little one is in peak art years, the membership makes the most sense. Four memberships are available, ranging from $33 to $143 per year, and each has its benefits based on what you decide to do with the images of your child’s art, with options like bound art books, framed mosaics, or digital photo galleries of your child’s artwork. This service will help free up so much storage space—and ease so much guilt. 

Not ready to sign up for a membership quite yet? Our readers get $20 off the Artkive Box starter kit to try it out (regularly $39).

Crate & Kids Canvas Diaper Caddy

During the diapering years, the quicker you can change your baby, the happier everyone is. But for that to happen, you need to have quick and easy access to everything necessary, which is why we love this Canvas Diaper Caddy from Crate & Kids. Not only does the brown leather handle make this caddy stylish enough to leave out in the open, but it also makes it super easy to carry all of your diapering equipment from room to room. The caddy measures a compact 15×9.5×11 inches and features four external pockets as well as a divider in the main container to create two compartments for storage, offering plenty of space to store diapers, wipes, creams, and a small blanket or soft towel to use as a changing pad. It’s a great product, but try to keep it clear of dirty diapers because it’s spot-clean only.

1Thrive Design Your Own Command Center

For families, especially those with older children, having a visual of the week (or month) ahead can be helpful to keep everyone on schedule, which is where 1Thrive’s Design Your Own Command Center comes in. You can use this builder to create the perfect display that meets your family’s needs, which could include a weekly menu, a calendar, hooks for keys or bags, a spot for notes, a to-do list, a corkboard, and more. If the idea of building your own command center feels like too much, 1Thrive also has some fantastic pre-made designs. Whichever way you choose to go, you can make the command center work with your existing decor by opting for a rustic design, a minimalist vibe, or a little glam with gold accents.

Pillowfort Modern Tall Three-Shelf Bookshelf

If there’s one thing the editors at Pregnancy & Newborn all agree on, it’s how much we love Pillowfort products from Target. We honestly had a hard time narrowing down the many amazing organizational options, but ultimately landed on the Modern Tall Three-Shelf Bookshelf because of its versatility. Standing at just under 35 inches tall, this stylish bookshelf has a slanted design and features three shelves at varying depths. The bottom shelf has a lip so that it can be used for books or as toy storage. The two upper shelves have smaller lips and dowels that allow you to store toys, decor, or books with the covers facing out (which is particularly helpful for little ones). We love how many ways you can use this bookshelf in your child’s room or playroom—or anywhere in the house—but don’t forget to anchor it to a wall to avoid tipping accidents.

Rifle Paper Co. 12-Month Softcover Spiral Planner

My family has a shared Google calendar, a command center, and a whiteboard on our fridge with visual activity magnets for my non-reading 4-year-old, but this 12-month Softcover Spiral Planner from Rifle Paper Co. is just for me. I’ve found that many planners try to cram too much into every page, but this one has a simple weekly design with a place for notes, a to-do list, and a little bit of space for each day of the week. I love its 8.5×6.25 inch size and its spiral spine, allowing me to keep it open without taking up too much of my desk. I use multi-colored pens to help me keep track of my personal appointments, work meetings and deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important-to-me dates. This specific style is only available as a traditional 12-month planner, but there are also a handful of other styles in various sizes and layouts, all with the gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. floral art we all know and love.

Will these products guarantee you’ll never forget a doctor’s visit, run out of baby wipes, or sentimentally store far too many things your kids bring home from school or daycare? Not a chance. But they can at least help free up some of your precious mental space (you know, until that post-child brain reboot we’re all waiting for happens).