What to look for in a double stroller

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It may be intimidating to think about operating a double stroller with multiple mini passengers, but modern push chairs pack all the essential features and are designed to make your life as a mom easier, so there’s nothing to worry about. Keep this checklist handy to ensure your prime pick is up to the task.

Take note of the size. Compact is key when it comes to a side-by-side stroller. Certain models even have the same smaller footprint as a single buggy with the ability to hold two tots. You’ll want something that comfortably fits through doorways, in narrow grocery aisles, on crowded sidewalks, etc.

How does it drive? Your stroller should be easy to maneuver even with the extra weight and capable of handling different types of terrain, so you can use it on city streets, mountain trails and everything in between. It’s also a good idea to opt for a hand-operated brake for added confidence in maintaining safety.

Don’t forget to check the fold. Find a self-standing, compact one hand fold with an automatic frame lock. Trust us—your storage and your sanity will thank you!

What are the key features? Does the seat lie flat for newborns? Is it car seat compatible, or is there an option for a carrycot? Can you switch up the positions to cater to each child? What bells and whistles are included? Make sure your pick can provide what you need!

Finding the perfect double stroller is a thoughtful process. Our editors’ choice is the Mountain Buggy duet compact side-by-side stroller. It checks off every box on the list and can even be used as a jogger. At a slim 25 inches wide, the duet is the most compact, fully featured, all-terrain side-by-side on the market and is the same width as a single buggy. From newborns to toddlers, it offers superior innovation for your growing family.

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