What is SensorSafe Technology?

Baby gear is totally with the times, and here’s why you should get on board.

Whether you’re shopping for baby’s next car seat or curating a registry list, you’ve probably seen a few car seat options with SensorSafe Technology in the title. Designed to work alongside a smartphone, this feature is helping save lives in more ways than one.

What’s in a name?
SensorSafe Technology is a monitoring system that continually evaluates your child’s environment while buckled into the seat. We love the award-winning CYBEX Sirona M because with the use of an app, it sends pop-up alerts directly to your phone. It will notify the specified caregiver if the chest clip is unbuckled while the vehicle is moving, if the back seat is too hot or cold, if your child has been seated for too long and most importantly, if your child has accidently been left behind in the car. What’s more is if action is not taken within a specified amount of time, the CYBEX Sirona M’s sensor will send the last known coordinates of the vehicle to the specified emergency contact, so someone knows a child may be in danger. 

X marks the spot
On the CYBEX model, the green sensor button is built right into the 5-point safety harness chest clip. (You can’t miss it!) Set up is extremely easy, too. It comes with a car port used to sync the seat to your vehicle, and the app will communicate between the car port and your phone. The app will also help you install the port, asking for your car brand, model and year. It will then provide instructions for accessing the plug-in location and immediately starts monitoring once complete.

Pimp my ride
As if the previously listed features weren’t enough to send you straight to their website, we want to mention a few other key elements that set this seat apart.

  • A Linear Side-impact Protection System (the barriers extending from the sides of the seat) help absorb 25 percent more impact in the event of a side collision. These can be pushed in or out to accommodate placement in different vehicles.
  • Magnetic belt holders can be found on either side of the harness, preventing twisting, tangling and the loss of your sanity. (Can we get three cheers for this?)
  • A 12-position, easy-to-adjust headrest with an integrated no-rethread harness for growing babes and a 10-position one-hand adjustable recline ensures the best fit for your car. And because this model can accommodate up to 65 pounds (forward-facing, 45 pounds for rear-facing), it’s an investment that will last!

All parents want to do everything in their power to protect their children, and the CYBEX Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 Technology goes the distance to bring peace of mind and make sure your tiny passengers arrive home healthy and happy.

This post was made in partnership with CYBEX, a brand we know and trust (one of our editor’s uses it with her son!).

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Who Doesn't Love Freebies?

Baby gear, nursing supplies, goodie boxes and more. Claim $500 in FREE Gifts Now!

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