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Together is better

Create a shared and safe sleeping environment for baby’s first year.

Together is better1
On the lookout

Innovative camera steering allows you to tilt and move this handheld gadget up, down and side-to-side for the best possible view.

Why we love it …

  • Night-vision clarity
  • Sleep zone boundary alerts when baby exits their sleep space
  • Voice-activated commands

Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5” Touchscreen Color Video Monitor, $200

Together is better2
Sleep tight

Set this portable bassinet up in seconds, and rest easy knowing your babe is sleeping in an aerated, comfortable cot. The sturdy design is built for infants up to 20 pounds.

Why we love it …

  • A flat fold makes traveling a breeze
  • Machine-washable fabrics
  • Large mattress with zip-off pad

Chicco LullaGo Nest, $130


Together is better3
Side job

This 3-in-1 pick can go from a bedside sleeper to a free-standing bassinet to a play yard, providing safe ways to bond with your newborn from the moment you both arrive home.

Why we love it …

  • Side-pocket storage
  • Ventilated siding
  • Mattress and fitted sheet included

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Ideal Ezee, $220

Together is better4
Home run

This parent favorite features a smart swivel that swings out of the way, so you can climb in an out of bed without waking your little dreamer.

Why we love it …

  • 360-degree swivel for ultimate flexibility
  • Keeps baby at eye-level
  • Adjustable bade for the perfect fit

HALO Bassinest Premiere Series, $250

Together is better5
Button Up

This smart breathing movement monitor clips onto tiny pajamas to alert caregivers if baby flips onto his belly while sleeping.

Why we love it …

  • Sends real-time sleep stats to your phone
  • Doubles as a fall detector for early walkers
  • Grows with your child

MonBaby Breathing and Rollover Smart Button, $100

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