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The top products of 2017

It’s the most wonderful gear of the year.

The top products of 20171
Prince Lionheart ILLUMIPAD

Changing diapers at night is always a dilemma—you don’t want to turn on a bright light and make baby think it’s time to wake up, but you also kind of need to see what you’re doing. Enter this brilliant creation: a changing pad that only illuminates baby’s “business end.” It makes a quick change effortless, so you and baby can both be back to sleep in no time. As a bonus, the cover is super soft and can be tossed in both the washer and the dryer when the need arises (and you know it will). $50

The top products of 20172
Chicco Fit2

You’ve heard the research: The longer baby can face backward in the car, the better (aka the safer). The Chicco Fit2 was designed with that in mind, making a comfortable, supportive rear-facing seat possible from birth all the way until baby is 35 pounds and up to 35 inches tall. A simple switch of a lever converts the base from the infant to toddler position, which allows bigger babies to have more wiggle room—without taking up any more real estate in your back seat. It also has convenient features like a no-rethread harness with one-pull tight- ening and a seven-position headrest. $280

The top products of 20173
Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smartband

Easing the worries of expectant and new moms everywhere, this sleek smart- band serves two purposes. During pregnancy, it allows you to track fetal movements, set appointment reminders, monitor your fitness (including steps, calories, weight and hydration) and more. When baby arrives, it allows you to create schedules for feedings and nap times, track baby’s input and output, and keep up with pumping and sleep routines. And it all syncs wirelessly to your smartphone. $80

The top products of 20174
Medela Sonata

The Sonata smart pump makes it possible for moms to return to work without giving up on nursing. Medela found a way to package a hospital-quality pump—complete with responsive pump and two- phase expression technology —into a lightweight, portable package. Everything tucks away in a small, convenient bag, and the whisper-quiet motor allows you to pump in peace without the whole office listening in. A touchscreen display and instant connection to the MyMedela app for tracking, support and encour- agement seal the deal. $400

The top products of 20175
HALO SnoozyPod

All parents are united by a common desire to sleep. Here to increase their odds is the HALO SnoozyPod vibrating bedtime soother. The gadget combines vibration, white noise and amber LED light to help create a soothing sleep space for your wee one. It attaches to whatever sleep spot he’s snoozing in (so it transitions easily from one bed to another—like from bassinet to crib) and can be set to run for 30-minute intervals or all night long.

The best part? It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can control the whole thing from your smartphone, teaching baby to ease himself back to sleep from the comfort of your own bed. $80

The top products of 20176
Cybex MIOS

Who says a lightweight stroller can’t make a heavyweight impact? Cybex’s MIOS perfectly combines fun with function (in fact, it’s a tribute to designers Charles and Ray Eames, who believed that design should do just that) and offers parents a stylish, full-featured pushcart at a fraction of the regular weight. From a retro-modern seat design to breathable mesh construction, this pretty pram is a mama’s dream come true. (Also: It converts to a travel system. Is there anything this stroller can’t do?) $650

The top products of 20177
BEABA Fabric Bath

If you assumed you couldn’t be impressed by a bathtub, guess again. This fabric contraption from BEABA is truly swoon- worthy, thanks to its flat fold, large capacity (it holds up to six gallons and is suitable for tots up to 12 months) and sturdy construction. The thermoformed, mold-resistant, waterproof fabric dries quickly and conforms to baby’s body, so he feels comfy and cozy during his dip. There’s also a showerhead support on the side to make filling and rinsing simpler. This tub makes quite the splash—in a good way. $100

The top products of 20178
nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle

Designed to preserve the nutrients of that hard-earned (or, should we say, hard- pumped) breast milk, the nanobebe’s unique shape allows for quick cooling of pumped milk, which reduces bacterial growth and better protects nutritional and immunological value. It also allows for quicker reheating —two to three times faster than standard bottles—which hungry babes will no doubt appreciate. In addition, it has a natural, breast-like design that makes swapping between breast and bottle an easier transition. Working nursing mamas, rejoice! $11

The top products of 20179
Veer Cruiser

The long-neglected little red wagon has needed a makeover for decades, and boy, oh boy, did it get one. For starters, it’s now a much more stylish gray, and it’s no longer just for big kids—it’s car seat compatible! Made with growing families

in mind, it can accommodate up to 100 pounds of precious cargo (up to two children ages 0 to 5) and meets all ASTM stroller safety standards. It’s also customizable with a smorgasbord of accessories, and rather than the awkward pull-behind style of the wagons of yore, it can either be pushed or pulled with a telescoping height-adjustable bar—not unlike your favorite suitcase. Also worth noting: It easily folds for transport and storage. $599

The top products of 201710
Skip Hop Jumpscape

The second item to make our list partially because of its impressive flat fold is Skip Hop’s new Jumpscape Fold- Away Jumper. Baby gear has long been known to monopolize a mama’s living room, but that’s not the case with this entertainer. Your baby can bop away happily in the jumper while you’re otherwise occupied, enjoying 20-plus developmental activities (the seat rotates 360 degrees, so he won’t miss a thing), lights and sounds. Then, when playtime is over, the whole thing folds away out of sight. (But, if we’re being honest, this thing’s pretty easy on the eyes even when it’s up and operational.) $130

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