Second Baby Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

Second Time Mom Gifts
By Published On: September 3rd, 2021

The first rodeo into parenthood is all about a new mom’s bun in the oven. From the planning to the registry to the baby showers and beyond, the focus tends to remain on her budding baby bump and not so much on the lady with the growing belly.

But once newbie No. 2 comes along, moms have most of what they need to care for their soon-to-be babes and could perhaps benefit more from some self-care staples and a few special finds that remind her she’s top-of-mind, too.

Before you buy another precious keepsake (though always appreciated!), browse these great gifts for pregnant women.

Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding moms quickly learn that nursing positions can require a lot of practice, a lot of conscious posture, and a lot of pillows. Even traditional breastfeeding pillows can lack support, which is why we love this new adjustable design from Infantino. From cross-cradle to the classic football hold, it offers the foundation you (and your back muscles) need.

Infantino, $40

Storksak Eliza Rose Diaper Bag

First-time moms often opt for the duffle-sized variety of diaper bags out of need to bring everything from an arsenal of wipes to the changing pad to a few spare outfits and more while out and about with baby in tow. Seasoned second-time mamas may appreciate a sleeker and smarter option that still packs a ton of hidden pockets while prioritizing minimal style.

Seraphine, $190

Bumpsuit The Lucy Bodysuit

Expecting mothers everywhere are staring into their closets repeating the same universal thought: I have absolutely nothing to wear! This bodysuit makes a great pregnancy gift that can also translate to the postpartum period where basics and versatile pieces make all the difference. Check out their new olive and toffee colors that pair perfectly with fall temps.

Bumpsuit, $130

8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Lotion

This magnesium body rub is what sweet dreams are made of: 100 percent organic ingredients that work together to prevent restless legs and leg cramps, ease lower back and hip pains, and promote deeper, more restful sleep through each trimester. It’s skincare, sleep-care and self-care all in one moisturizing formula.

8 Sheep, from $29

Daily Harvest Meal Gift Box

A new baby makes for a hungry mama with little-to-no time to prepare herself breakfast, and this is especially true when she’s also caring for an energetic toddler. And because she can’t live off of snack bars alone (not forever, anyway), a box of ready-to-blend smoothies, chia bowls, veggie flatbread pizzas and more is a nourishing solution that will save her time and sanity.

Tip: If your pregnant mom friend isn’t keen on subscription boxes, an UBER Eats gift card goes a long way, too. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that take something off her plate while also adding to it.

Daily Harvest, $75

Optimist Botanicals Zero-Proof Spirits

The non-alcoholic beverage movement is having a moment, and expectant moms are benefitting from distilleries creating high-quality cocktail ingredients minus the booze. These botanical spirits, available in Fresh, Bright and Smokey flavors, make great mocktails and are also safe for breastfeeding.

Optimist Drinks, $35

HATCH Hatch-To-Hospital Box

It may be a stretch to say that a new mama (or new-again mama) can feel like a million bucks after birth, but this luxurious gift set will help her feel comfy and a little bit bougie, which makes it totally worth every penny. It’s the pampering gift she probably won’t buy for herself but you know she totally deserves.

HATCH Collection, $248

Ostrichpillow Eye Mask

She may have struggled with the advice to sleep when baby sleeps the first go around, but second-time moms know that shuteye can be scarce in the early months. No matter the time and whatever the weather, this innovative eye mask helps create an ideal blackout environment for catching needed Zs.

Ostrichpillow, $45 – available soon!

The Dough Project Cupcake Kit

While technically not for new parents, an activity to keep big siblings occupied is a perfect gift that’s sure to be appreciated. Created by a former preschool teacher and soon-to-be mom, this natural play doh kit will serve up scoops of fun.


Solly Baby Loop Carrier

For the expectant mother who wants to keep her firstborn close, the Solly Baby Loop Carrier is the perfect mom gift to comfortably extend babywearing while maintaining back support with older kiddos. They’ll always be her baby, after all.

Solly Baby, $125

Lauren Lisle