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Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds

8 of the best travel beds for baby

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds1
The bassinet

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, $150
“The Dream Suite has done double-duty in our house—first as a sleep space in our bedroom and later as a nap spot and changing center downstairs. The top seamlessly flips back and forth from bassinet to changer. Even with baby in arms I can quickly turn it over.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds2
The lounger

DockATot, from $165
“We use our DockATot for so many things: resting, tummy time, safely co-sleeping, changing diapers and more. It’s lightweight, completely breathable, and you can thoroughly wash everything. We’ve found it to be a lifesaver.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds3
The travel bed

Diono Dreamliner, $70
“Our family loves to travel, and we’ve looked for an answer to the Where will baby sleep? packing dilemma for a while. We hadn’t found a solution we liked until the Dreamliner. It can easily pass for a carry-on item when flying and even pop-up for naptime during unexpected airport delays.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds4
The rocker

Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper, $65
“My first impression of the Moonlight Rocking Sleeper was, Who wouldn’t want to sleep in this? Not only is the fabric incredibly soft, but it also offers a vibration unit, nature sounds and a projector that lights your wall with a nighttime sky.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds5
The play yard

Evenflo Aeris BabySuite, $150
“I opened up the box and was impressed right away by the BabySuite’s light weight and convenient carry bag. Then I noticed the no- lock hinges that make pack up even faster! It doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes to boot.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds6
The in-bed co-sleeping device

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround XL, $60
“I’m so glad we have the Snuggle Nest Surround XL. My baby loves napping in it, and the extra length means she doesn’t bump her head or feet on the top or bottom (which annoys her greatly). It’s perfectly portable, too.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds7
The attached co-sleeping device

Arm’s Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper, $240
“The Ideal has a strap-and-plate system that slides between our mattress and the box spring, securing our beds together. We love how the side rail lowers for easy access to baby. It’s so simple to reach over and grab her when she’s hungry or fussy.”

Road Test: Parent-approved travel beds8
The standalone co-sleeping device

HALO Bassinest Luxe Plus, $300
“If you want a bedside sleeper with all the bells and whistles, then the Bassinest Luxe Plus is for you. It has everything from a nursing timer to a floor light to retractable sidewalls. I really don’t think you could do any better.”

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