My very first Bump Box is here!

By Published On: March 31st, 2020Tags: , ,

Hi, fellow and soon-to-be mamas! I’m Lauren, the Executive Editor for P&N. Big news: I’m expecting my third baby, due late September! Even though it’s not my first rodeo and I’m surrounded by all things mom and baby here at work, it’s still the most exciting time for my family, and we are thrilled to become a party of five!

One major difference I see in this pregnancy is my energy level and ability to set aside time to focus on myself. I have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old, neither of whom are fond of naps or alone time. They both seem to be thrilled, however, that my husband and I are both working from home due to the Coronavirus. While I cherish our days of juggling work and an abundance of family time, I know I’ve been neglecting the fact that stress and a lack of relaxation is not ideal for expectant women.

Due to my self-care shortcomings, I was so excited when I received the month three Bump Box because it’s packed full of pampering products that are safe and honestly, so helpful for my current stage of life. The lotion (which smells of fresh lemon) and hand massager have become everyday staples as I’ve kindly coerced my husband into giving me nightly foot and back massages. I’ve also found immense value in the micro fiber hair wrap since I’ve become even more casual in my beauty routine while staying home from work. It helps my hair to dry with better texture, which is basically my low-maintence dream coming true.

Along with the indulgent goodies came a few practical finds as well. Thankfully I haven’t experienced any heartburn as of yet, but I know it’s probable and am prepared for its appearance. And can we talk about the stretch mark cream? It retails at $81 and is made with plant-based ingredients! These products are quality, you guys, making each box or subscription a seriously good deal!

I think what I love most about Bump Boxes is that in the midst of all this chaos, I feel like a brand thought about my situation and anticipated my needs as a busy mom who wouldn’t put the effort into herself. As mothers, we know (and definitely want!) to focus on maintaining practices that keep us well and help us feel good, but sometimes getting started is the hold up. This company sends it all right to your doorstep, which is especially convenient during this time, and it’s that monthly reminder to take inventory and try to incorporate some of these great products into everyday life.

Seeing as how much I genuinely loved the third month box, I am super excited to see what pops up next and share it with you all! Until next time, ladies … stay well!


By Lauren Lisle