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Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers1

Because her knowledge of children’s books never ceases to amaze you.
Out of Print tote, $20

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers2

Because no one needs to know whether it’s water or wine inside.
Still House bottle, $40

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers3

Because it looks festive at home or in the classroom.
Threshold felt ball garland, $13

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers4

Because pretty pj’s made in India by women who’ve escaped
sex trafficking are beautiful for so many reasons.
Sudara Punjammies lounge pants, $49

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers5

Because she’s totally got this.
Sweet Water Decor inspirational pen set, $15

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers6

Because she taught your tot how to peel a clementine.
Jorey Hurley art print, from $45

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers7

Because she makes sure your kid receives plenty of kisses and hugs while you’re away.
MULXIPLY earrings, $28

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers8

Because it holds all the essentials and easily slips into the diaper bag.
Kestrel wallet, $158

Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers9

Because anyone who spends her day with children spends her evenings
dreaming about order that lasts longer than three seconds.
Universe book, $25

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Gift guide: Gifts for caretakers

The nanny, daycare teacher or date night babysitter who has saved the day (and your sanity) on more than one occasion and never judges when baby’s wearing only one sock.

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