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“Pottery is one of my favorite hobbies, so this pot is right up my alley.”
—Steph, Creative Director

Group Partner tanlines pot, $65

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“I can’t help but feel like every mama needs one of these hanging by her nursing chair.”
—Lacey, Editor in Chief

The Bee & the Fox embroidered hoop, $35

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“When it comes to feeding your baby, I love that this blanket does all the talking up front—boobs out or not.”
—Lauren, Associate Editor

Lot801 x Gravel & Gold blanket, $49

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“Because cheeky bathroom decor (or cheeky anything, really) always feels right.”
—Shea, Fashion & Beauty Director

Cold Picnic bath mat, $60

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“Excuse me while I send this card to every one of my fellow small-chested mom friends.”
—Ginny, Contributing Editor

Spade Stationery card, $4

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“I’ve long admired Stella’s series of moons and planets paintings, but her recent work inspired by her journey into motherhood is by far my favorite.”
—Lauren, Executive Editor

Stella Maria Baer “Moon Melons” print, from $300

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“I’m pretty sure this funny little board book is based on a true story—my little guy always wants milk!”
—Chantel, Senior Editor

Phaidon board book, $13

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A tribute to the size-changing, milk-shooting, life-giving body parts we call breasts.

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