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The days are busy, your brain is scattered, and your responsibilities do not relent. Being a parent is all about strategy, and innovative brands are looking to help a mama out with multi-use must-haves that are just plain smart. Before you buy another basic necessity, consider these picks that prioritize function and convenience.

PopYum fresh formula bottle. Formula-feeding mamas, rejoice! This clever contraption takes the struggle (and added clutter) out of your bottle-making routine. Gone are the days where you must resort to carrying the entire carton of formula in your diaper bag or scramble to make late night bottles. The PopYum bottle stores fresh formula in its mid-section and water down below. One press of its sides releases the powder for quick and easy shaking. Your hungry wee one will have a made-to-order meal in seconds, and you’ll be so thankful for the time (and sanity) it saves, too! You will wish you had one sooner—we guarantee it!

Roll-up bib. Think all bibs are created equal? Think again. This pick not only protects baby’s clothes by keeping them clean (as clean as possible, anyway), but it also catches crumbs and stray bites at the bottom in a wide, silicone pocket that’s easy to wipe clean. The best part is you can roll the used bib fabric into the silicone pocket and secure it closed while out and about, keeping your dining experience—and your diaper bag—free of messes.

Fall-proof pacifier. Your little one’s favorite pacifier takes as many tumbles as he does, resulting in a less-than-sanitary situation. To keep things free and clean, this brand created a nipple that’s designed to retract before it hits the floor. It’s sensitive enough to know the difference between a true spill and baby losing his pacifier in the crib, so it’s always ready to soothe without requiring excessive washing and wipe-downs. Grab a few (we know you need more than one!) to stash in your bag and nursery.

This post was made in partnership with PopYum, a smart feeding system that makes on-the-go formula-feeding a breeze.