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Cinco de Mayo1

Although great any day of the year, this book is especially fun on May 5. —Steph, Creative Director
Encantos Media
board book, $11

Cinco de Mayo2

I hope my son isn’t disappointed that this avocado doesn’t taste like the real thing. —Lauren, Executive Editor
The Little Market rattle, $16

Cinco de Mayo3

Pin the llama on the mama.
—Chantel, Contributing Editor
Gingiber enamel pin, $12

Cinco de Mayo4

This is basically my family’s mission statement. —Lacey, Editor in Chief
Three Potato Four pennant, $24

Cinco de Mayo5

It’s always important to dress for the occasion. —Shea, Fashion & Beauty Director
Liliana Cruz embroidered dress, $25

Cinco de Mayo6

Anyone else dream about hot sauce while expecting? —Lauren, Contributing Editor
UncommonGoods mobile, $48

Cinco de Mayo7

I’m obsessed with this not-at-all-prickly throw pillow. —Mayuko, Photographer
Meri Meri knitted cushion, $50

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Cinco de Mayo

We’ll indulge any excuse to eat tacos and get festive.

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