5 alternate uses for Boogie Wipes

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The natural saline that makes them so effective at breaking down mucous (you can wipe away dried messes in one swipe!) also makes them a go-to for keeping your family and your home spick-and-span. Here are five other ways to use your Boogie Wipes …

1) Clean tiny hands and faces.

Whether they’re playing at the park or savoring spoonfuls of pureed beets, wee ones are mess magnets. The next time you need to clear the remnants of crusted food or caked on dirt (or whatever your tiny explorer manages to get into), reach for a Boogie Wipe. Not only will it get the job done in a hurry, but you can also rest assured that the ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin.

2) Swab the highchair.

When you start serving more solid fare, baby may end up wearing more food than she’s eating. Minimize your post meal cleanup with a sidekick that’s up to the task of fighting grime.

3) Wipe bitty bums.

If you’re in a pinch (i.e., away from home and out of baby wipes), Boogie Wipes make for an excellent stand-in. The chamomile, vitamin E and aloe will soothe tender tushies. Plus, there’s no alcohol in them—which means no sting!

4) Freshen your face.

Stash a pack in your gym bag to keep stickiness at bay after a sweaty workout. Or simplify your nighttime routine by using a wipe to remove makeup before hitting the hay.

5) Tidy up as you go.

Got a mysteriously sticky TV remote? Grab a Boogie Wipe. At a restaurant table that could use a bit more scrubbing? Grab another one. Find dried spit-up on the car seat that’s who knows how old? Grab another. The possibilities really are endless.

This post is sponsored by Boogie Wipes, a product we always have on hand.

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