Products We’re Loving for June

By Published On: June 1st, 2023

Pack your bags! We’re hitting the road, and these life-savers are here to make the drive more manageable.

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It doesn’t matter how old your child is; daycares, preschools, and elementary schools alike all lean into “May-hem,” the last two weeks of school where it’s utter chaos. Even if your summer break begins later in the year, the experience of “May-hem” is universal: dress-up days, themed activities, award ceremonies, spirit nights, pickup parades, field days, gifts for teachers, wonky schedules … the list goes on and on! By the time that final bell rings signaling the end of the school year, we’re all throwing our hands in the air to celebrate.

To counteract the pandemonium of “May-hem,” families in our neighborhood get out of town to celebrate the start of summer break at the beach, where there’s plenty of sunshine and built-in entertainment to satisfy rowdy kiddos with energy to spare. After sitting in classrooms practicing arithmetic and reading skills all year, it’s a nice break where little ones can run around and be wild like the somewhat-feral children they really are.

Despite the excitement of vacation, getting to your destination is another (long) story. In the peach state, where my family lives, the closest ocean beach to Atlanta is about four hours away, making traveling as a family a bit of a challenge. This trek involves lengthy stints on highways and, eventually, one-lane roads that quickly get congested, adding even more time to our estimated arrival. 

Like flying, traveling by car as a family requires special planning in order for the journey to be tolerable and successful. Our June road-trip picks anticipate some of the everyday needs that pop up while en route and will (fingers crossed) help your crew arrive at your home-away-from-home with less crying, whining, and stress, so you all can start enjoying the change in scenery—and hopefully a little downtime for the grownups, too. 

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat

Potty training is already tough, but it’s especially trying (and gross) when you have no choice but to take your toddler into a public restroom off the highway where they lack the coordination and balance to hold themselves up while using the toilet (especially without gripping germy surfaces). This portable potty seat adheres to most standard-size toilets, creating an appropriate center for your child. It features a thin design that won’t add bulk to your diaper bag, eight suction cups to keep it securely in place, and a travel holder for stowing away after use. Even if your kiddo is past potty training, this product makes any toilet seat kid-friendly and may offer a more hygienic experience while using public restrooms or aircraft lavatories.

BIZYBOO Hide ‘N’ Seek Busy Bags

Not far into your drive, someone is likely to voice boredom. And while boredom is an essential building block in childhood development, a road trip is not where I personally want to explore having “nothing to do.” These clever sensory bags are packed with filler beads your child can push and prod to reveal hidden objects. It’s a simple (mess-free!) design that keeps them engaged while boosting concentration, observation, and problem-solving skills. There are 12 fun characters to choose from, with over 200 hidden objects to find.

Lil’ Giggles Medicated Travel Sickness Lollipops

While portable entertainment is necessary, looking down at a game, book, or tablet can cause some kids to feel queasy; other times, winding roads alone can trigger nausea. For passengers aged 3 and older with sensitive stomachs, these medicated lollipops are an excellent remedy when sickness strikes. They’re shaped and flavored like regular lollipops but include a homeopathic solution that temporarily soothes and relieves upset bellies. They’re also free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, dyes, nuts, and dairy. If your child dislikes taking medicine or is prone to car sickness, make sure to have these on hand.

KidCo Coolshade Sunshade + Fan

Despite my best efforts, the back seats in our family car stay hot in the summertime. Even if I blast the air conditioning, only so much circulation helps to cool the second and third rows where my kids sit. While this is bothersome to children of all ages, it’s especially problematic for infants at a greater risk of overheating. This shade-fan hybrid is a great tool for shielding younger babes from the sun and cooling with direct airflow. The shade offers UPF 50 protection, and the fan features three speeds. But what makes this 2-in-1 unique is the flexible neck that allows for 360-degree rotation to place the shade and fan in the exact spot you need for maximum efficiency. It can be used with a car seat, stroller, beach chair, and more.

High Road Car Seat Organizer

Traveling by car means your ability to avoid stopping too often along the way directly impacts how long you’ll be on the road. A central place for snacks, beverages, and activities will help keep your vehicle organized and your crew more self-sufficient. This versatile organizer with a cooler holds everything you need for the journey ahead with an insulated interior (use only with ice packs, not loose ice cubes), a moveable divider, multiple side pockets, cup holders, and a top tray. The sturdy construction stays in place with a seat belt and boasts a foldable design with a carry strap for easy transport. Here’s to less snack duty and more legroom in the front seat—double win!

CALPAK Packing Cubes

It’s not only granola bars and juice boxes you must pack for a road trip; fitting everyone’s clothes, toiletries, and everyday necessities into the trunk of your vehicle also presents a challenging puzzle. This cute five-piece packing set comes with varying-sized zippered cubes plus a water-resistant envelope pouch that fits nicely in duffle bags, luggage compartments, and drawers. With these cubes, you can pack smarter and utilize whatever room you have without as much clutter and confusion. And with over 25 colors, prints, and patterns, you can adhere to your kid’s often strict style preferences.

No matter where you’re headed or how long it will take you to get there, we hope these helpful finds will make your family trip more enjoyable from point A to B and back.