New Gear for the New Year

By Published On: January 18th, 2022

The world of baby products is always evolving—from pacifiers to highchairs to baby swings and more. Better technology (everything is bluetooth these days!), improved safety features and an emphasis on aesthetics are just a few of the enhancements, and new moms are reaping the benefits.

But because you can’t comb through every single store or website looking for the latest and greatest, we’ve pulled together a list of baby products we feel are worthy contenders for adding to your arsenal this year.

Joolz Hub+

For new parents on the hunt for a sleek stroller with cool bells and whistles, the Hub+ is sure to impress. Its compact size is great for large crowds and busy sidewalks, and its upright, flat fold makes it super easy to store in trunks or closets.

While out and about, the extra-large canopy keeps your little one shaded from the elements (or strangers—or both!). During evening walks, integrated LED lights help you and your precious cargo to be seen by drivers when it gets too dark. (Honestly, why don’t all strollers come with this night light feature?) What’s more, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Juno Bassinet

This may look like a cardboard box … because it is a cardboard box, but don’t let that turn you off. Parents in the country Finland, which has one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, have been utilizing baby box beds for decades, and the concept is gaining popularity on a global scale.

The Juno Bassinet is a sustainable, portable, pop-up sleep spot that’s both a natural option for your new baby and a great choice for our planet. It’s being called a “better bassinet” because it carries the important role of providing a safe sleep area for your newbie while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint.

Its simple design is backed by smart engineering and specialized construction, meaning it’s extremely strong despite being lightweight and able to be assembled in 30 seconds flat. Thanks to a nontoxic protective coating, inevitable spills, drools, drips and leaks won’t affect its durability and strength. And a fair price of $148, it won’t break the bank either.

Chicco Duo

Love the idea of a glass baby bottle but not the tendency for them to break? You can now have the best of both worlds: The Chicco Duo is the first hybrid bottle that combines the purity of glass and the convenience of plastic.

Many moms know about the wellness benefits of opting for glass over plastic, but the Duo offers a two-in-one option that keeps it practical. A micro-thin, break-proof Invinci-glass inner layer is permanently bonded to an outer layer of premium BPA-free plastic. This winning combo allows milk to only come in contact with glass, so the bottle stays clear without staining or discoloring, is free of bad smells or unpleasant aftertastes, and is dishwasher, warmer and sterilizer safe.

Breastfeeding and supplementing moms will also appreciate that the silicone nipple encourages an intuitive latch that’s fitting for breast-to bottle-feeding. It’s a long-lasting, durable product that will sustain through baby’s first year. (And yes, they’re sold on Amazon for easy replacements—though we don’t think you’ll need them.)


This prime piece of baby gear just rolled out this month and is ready to revolutionize your wee passenger’s ride with one simple installation. The Nuna REVV is a rotating car seat that can perform a full 360-degree spin effortlessly, making transitioning from rear-facing to forward-facing and buckling or unbuckling stress-free and easy to do. Ask any parent about getting their kid in and out of the car, and they’ll tell you it’s almost always a challenge. A rotating car seat is something we thought only existed in our dreams!

Aside from excellent functionality, the REVV also packs important safety features like Steel Strength Technology, side impact protection in case of collisions, and a ten-position recline for snug fits. And also, it’s a sleek seat that looks good. That’s allowed to matter, right? (It totally can.)

Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle

Shark Tank fans are already familiar with this brand that’s on a mission to ensure newborns—and their tired parents—get better sleep.

The Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle is just like a weighted blanket adults use to reduce stress and increase relaxation, but made for babies. Gentle weight is evenly distributed to increase serotonin and melatonin and decrease cortisol to help your sweet pea feel calm, fall asleep faster and (fingers crossed) stay asleep longer.

The super soft swaddle feature adds additional comfort for infants and reduces the Moro reflex by using velcro versus the wrap-style of traditional swaddle blankets; once baby starts rolling, it can also be used as a regular sleep sack. It’s a great way to promote self-soothing as your newborn baby transitions from womb to the outside world.

We love that it’s made of organic cotton, is machine washable, feels like a snuggle from mom and can be used during mobility milestones through 6 months of age. It can also be easily thrown into a diaper bag for naps on the go and comes with a two-way zipper for quick-and-easy changes.

This is one product that should definitely be added to your baby registry and is also a great gift idea for mom friends. Here’s to hoping for improved baby sleep!