First Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Published On: June 11th, 2021

For the Active (-adjacent) Dad

Like so many of us who gained the Covid-19, your guy is itching to dive back into a fitness routine. With this sleek electric bike, he can cycle away on his own, have pedal assistance or fully kick on the 500 watt motor if he’s too pooped to ride his way home. An investment for sure, but price caps should be negotiable when it comes to your health.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney NEW 500W electric bike, $2,000

For the Groomed Dad

The couple who skin-care routines together, stays together. You may have taught him everything he knows about vitamin C and daily sunscreen, but now it’s time for him to soar on his own. Treat him to a a citrus- and botanical-packed gift set (including the daily sunscreen!) and nail the perfect gift.

Hawthorne Face First Starter Kit, $48

For the Outdoorsy Dad

With a summer of adventures on the horizon before you become new parents, there’s no better time to give his camping kit a makeover. Whether it’s in the backyard or state park site, he’s sure to put these goods to good use.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Stainless Steel Flask, $29, Harmonica, $15, Travel Hammock, $37

For the Worried-About-His-Hairline Dad

You can assure him up and down that you don’t notice a difference, but you don’t see what this dad-to-be sees. Support his proaction with science-based growth stimulation—biotin, ashwagandha, hyaluronic acid and omega-3 clock in to fight the fray. And not a moment too soon because sleepless nights make anyone want to pull their hair out.

Collective Laboratories Revitalizing Supplements, from $86

For the Sentimental Dad

It is never not a home run to surprise your sweet first-time dad with a personalized gift. Each photo book features tasteful design touches, is made from post-consumer recycled paper and makes for the ultimate keepsake. And if he’s interested in starting traditions, a tree is planted for every book you order.

Paper Culture Photo Book, from $27

For the DIY Dad

Your guy likes his condiments like he likes his fatherhood: SPICY. There’s never a dull moment as a new dad and his food doesn’t have to have any either. This fiery kit allows him to experience six varieties all made by his own hand. Bonus: Seeing him in the kitchen might turn up the heat for mama, too!

Uncommon Goods Hot Sauce Kit, $40

For the Understated Dad

We’ve long been fans of the non-diaper-bag diaper bag and this one takes the cake. Neoprene fabric makes it super light to carry, which given all that a day out with a new baby involves, is super helpful for his posture. Plus, it would look equally great on you so maybe he’ll let you “borrow” it.

Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack, $155

For the Dad-Joke Dad

We know, we know—but maybe it’s a little funny? Etsy has a ton of funny Father’s Day gifts to choose from, so pop around the site if you’ve heard this one before. (wink)

Roko Clothing T-shirt, from $10

For the Goal-Driven Dad

If the new father in your life believes that no one is ever done learning, you can look no further than this thoughtful gift. He can devote just 20 minutes a day to a program of his choosing tailored with transformative content led by credentialed professionals—for mind, body, soul, career, parenting and just about every other subject you can think of that will make his “World’s Best Dad” title even stronger.

Mindvalley Membership, from $42/month

For the Self-Care Dad

We took a poll and most new dads thought the best first Father’s Day gift idea was—drumroll, please: no stress! Wrapping this up would prove a bit challenging, so we came up with a worthy alternative: a massage! This at-home shiatsu massager combines deep kneading and heat to make dad feel all relaxed whenever and wherever he needs to.

Naipo Massager, $47

For the Amazon Dad

He loves anything with the “best seller” tag and you love the ability to order most anything last-minute. (We adore you, Prime.) This digital picture frame is a great Father’s Day gift that satisfies on both ends, and is an elevated upgrade from the (still sweet) personalized coffee mug. We love that others can email photos straight to the frame, so loop in family members to share in the gift to make it extra special.

Skylight Digital Frame, $159

For the I-Don’t-Need-Anything Dad

Of course he does! Even if it’s a Father’s Day card that flies solo. There is plenty of selection out there and no one knows your guy better than you do. Whether it taps his funny bone or tugs his heartstrings, take this opportunity to throw all of your words onto pretty card stock and acknowledge your partner for all that he is doing right. Parenting is hard for the dads, too, and we know he’ll appreciate the very personal gesture … especially if he didn’t ask for anything.

Paper Source Cards, from $4